what i wore sunday ~ vol. 56...

Today is Corpus Christi Sunday. I love this feast day. We will have a Eucharistic Walk this afternoon, rain or shine. It is one of my favorite things to participate in every year. We witness to the local community that Christ is our Sovereign Lord and the Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith. It is beautiful. 

Miss Courtney was able to join Jerry and I for Mass this morning. I am so glad. It has been a few weeks since she was able to receive Communion and I know that she draws tremendous strength from it. She is always so happy and calm afterward. 

I wore a Ralph Lauren peasant skirt that was a gift, bright yellow tank from Talbot's (many seasons ago) and a white denim jacket from Charter Club bought at Macy's, who knows how long ago. I am still on the look out for a hot pink one. That would be fun to wear in the winter. The sandals are also Ralph Lauren bought two or three seasons ago at a serious discount. They are comfy and classic. As you will see, I have them in hot pink and navy as well. 

Like I said comfy and classic. It's a win win. 

Miss Courtney wore her white linen draw string pants from Talbots two or three years ago. Her fushia top is from the JCrew sale rack last summer and her shoes are from her Grammy. "Every girl needs a pair of heels." Well for Miss C, these are it. LOL! 

Of course she refused to open her eyes when I was taking her photo. Stubborn young lady that one is. Papa looks pretty handsome though. Who says men can't wear pink? I say wear away. You look good babe.

This week my little wardrobe challenge began. I am playing along with Allison @ Get Your Pretty On participating in her Summer Wardrobe Challenge. I needed a little help focusing in the wardrobe department using the pieces I had on hand to create as many outfits as I could. I had fallen into quite the yoga pants rut in the last few weeks, so a swift kick in the wardrobe butt was what I needed. 

Allison and my fellow challenge participants have been a great inspiration for me this week. These ladies are all shapes and sizes, all income levels, single and married, with or without kids. It's been a lot of fun and a great distraction to some of the harder moments I have had with Miss Courtney this week. 

Now for what I wore...

Monday, I went off plan. We were supposed to come up with a bight shorts with a solid top. I went with a printed top from Lands End and khaki shorts from Talbots. Metallic sandals from at DSW last summer. The earrings from Francesca's. 

Tuesday, I was on plan with a striped top, white bottom and denim jacket or blouse. We could wear tennis shoes or sandals. I went with the classic grey converse I got a Target last year. The top and slacks are from Lane Bryant sale rack and the earrings from Charming Charlies. Instead of a denim jacket I just knotted the many seasons old Talbots blouse I had to "look" like a jacket. It was quite comfy and I have to admit I never thought to put that all together. 

Wednesday was a hard day and you can really tell by my face and outfit choice. I went with a one piece dress, flip flops and sweater. The look on my face is priceless. Hello World...meet Exhaustion 101. 

The earring are iridescent and look like a bunch of grapes. I have ad them for years. I wore a dress from Lane Bryant and a sweater from Lands End (last season). I was looking to experiment with colors/patterns that were in the same color hue. I think this works. What say you?

Thursday, Miss Courtney joined in on the fun. The assignment was patterned shorts/skirt, solid top and statement necklace. She wore Joe Fresh (from JCPenney) slacks and a heart sweater from the JCrew sale rack last season. 

I wore a patterned skirt and solid tank from Talbots (thanks Mama) and a sweater form Land's End at Sears. I also got a new hairdo that afternoon. It made a world of difference in my "get my pretty on" attitude. A new hairdo can do that for you. The earrings are from Charming Charlie's I think. Sandals are Ralph Lauren bought from Macy's end of season last year.  Again, I have been trying to use what I have accessories and all.

Friday was my favorite outfit of the week I think. We were supposed to wear a denim bottom, patterned top and sandals. I love the color blue and anything that is bright and patterned. This outfit had it all. 

The top is a new piece I found at Macy's on sale for under $25 bucks. It's a layered tank that I thought was really flattering with my current state of puffiness. The skirt is denim (with an elastic waist thank you Lord!) and the sweater is a Land's End classics that I have had for many seasons. The earrings are from Charming Charlie's and the shoes are Lane Bryant 50% off sale three weeks ago. Also under $20. 

So far I have spent only $75 this season on a few new pieces to help jazz things up a bit. I am pretty darn happy with that given our current financial focus. 

I am looking forward to seeing what next week holds. I have really been enjoying this little exercise. What would you do with these pieces? Any suggestions on how to change things up? Have you found any good bargain pieces you love lately? Feel free to share. 

Happy Sunday, 

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