what i wore ~ vol. 56 ~ palazzo!!

I did not get a lot of photos this week.I also did not get a lot of blogging done this week. It's been a little bit nutty with Miss Courtney the last few days. Between extra feedings and battling some nasty seizures, this Mama has been running around with her hair on fire. Not a pretty sight my friends. Not pretty at all. 

Today was busy but a good busy. My morning started early with a quick coffee date with my guy while the "kids" were still asleep. It was a lovely way to begin the day. Then it was home to get Miss Courtney ready to spend the day with her big brother while hubby and I headed out to teach an NFP class. After three hours of NFP, we went to Mass then back home to be with our Courtney, so big brother could head out with his buddies.

I don't know what we would have done with the help of our son. He is such a Godsend. By him being home with his sister, it allows Jerry and I to serve in this ministry. We couldn't do it without him. Thanks J!! Love you man!!

It was going to be a long day so I wanted to be comfy. My #GetYourPrettyOn challenge outfit called for a bright top with palazzo pants. 

Por que "palazzo pants"? 

When I got the clothing list for the challenges three weeks ago, this was one of the pieces Allison "challenged" us to try. The descriptions on-line said that they were a mix between comfy yoga pants and "upscale" sweats. I don't usually wear wide bottom slacks since they do not flatter my cake-pop body shape. 

After further research on-line, I headed out to Lord and Taylor during one of their "sale on the sales rack" sales, to see what I could find. I scored these Ralph Lauren "Yacht" Palazzo pants for a flippin steal, as in under $40. The original pice was over $100. Not paying that, for sure. 

They are the most comfortable "upscale" sweats I have ever owned. I decided to stay with the "flowey" feel of the slacks and kept the top piece bright and loose with a Lands End knit top I have had for at least a year. Then I added the navy blue accessories with the necklace, earrings and sandals (also Ralph Lauren from last season).

It's amazing what you can do in palazzo pants. 

You can pliĆ© in palazzo pants.

 You can climb and imaginary ladder in palazzo pants.

You can jump high in palazzo pants. 

I would like to point out how much air I got in the photo above. Like six inches people!! T25 is working. Seriously working. 

You can just enjoy the fact that when you eat your second slice of pizza for dinner you don't have to unbutton your top button to breath in palazzo pants. Sorry for no photograph on that one, just trust me. 

Needless to say, I really, really, really like my palazzo pants. I will be wearing them again very soon. Maybe with a red top or a navy one or maybe one with gold embellishments, or, or, or...

You get the picture. 

Palazzo Pants for President!!

Moving on to what I wore earlier this week. I only documented one outfit. I know, I know, bad pseudo fashion blogger, bad! 

Here is that one outfit...

The challenge was a white top, denim bottom and bright sweater. I love this tank I got from Talbot's last year or the year before. It has a cotton lace details that adds a little feminine flair to a simple with tank. I tried to match my accessories to coordinate with my sweater. I tend to go bold with accessories but this time I wanted a quieter effect. I was pleased with it. 

Miss Courtney joined in the fun as well. 

She wore jeans, rolled at the cuff, a bright blue sweater, matching sandals and her Princess Pug t-shirt. It's one of my favorites from the "Joe Fresh" line at JC Penney, last year. 

That's all I have for this week. I promise to do better next week. I hope. I pray. 

I'll try, I promise. 

Have a fabulous Sunday my friends. 

Until tomorrow, 
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