keep calm, drink coffee and pray...

I'm here. I am. Thanks for your bloggy patience. Things here keep moving forward wether I am ready for it or not. As long as there is coffee in the pot, I can face whatever the day brings...I think. 

The good news is Miss Courtney gained another pound so we are hanging out at 91 pounds now. Yay! The every two hour feeds are working. So very happy that they are working. The constant worry and stress I have felt about this particular issue has been relieved a bit. We will just keep going with the current plan and hopefully she will continue to gain one or two pounds per week. Only time will tell. 

In other good news, due to the generosity of some pretty wonderful people, we have enough to cover the co-pay on Miss Courtney's new wheelchair seat. Such a relief to know she will have what she needs to help her sit without pain or discomfort in her wheelchair. Thank you Lord for that gift. Once more our daughter is cared for with much love.

In the bad news department, Big Bertha the Wheelchair Van has another cracked coil or two which means she is sidelined until next payday. One was replaced during the last go around three months ago. Everything else is fine on the van but each coil replacement is about $230-$300. So we will wait upon the Lord and be patient for another ten days or so until we can take care of it.

This means Miss Courtney and I are homebound during the day for the foreseeable future. We are getting pretty good at this, combining home based Mama lead PT sessions with homemaking, story time, crafting, walks in the early morning for Mama, snuggles with Miss Court in the comfy chair and a little baking as well. We don't have any doctors appointments scheduled for another few weeks, so hopefully once we replace the coils all will be right again.

Since I have already used up my one freak out allowed per month, I have chosen to be calm and practice a little bit of that "trust" I have been working on these days. Trust that all will be well. There are so many things going on in the world to pray about, so many things here at home and many friends who needs the support as well.

I decided as I was having my quiet time this morning that now was a good time to take a little blogging break. Not to worry it's just for the next ten days. You won't miss me a bit. I won't be here, on Facebook or Instagram either. Cold turkey baby.

I'm taking this little social media fast with a purpose mind you. I think it's time to get that prayer list going once again. It is my plan to spend the next ten days in quiet and prayer for you and with you.

So please leave your prayer requests in the comments or you can email me (

I will add them to Miss Courtney's Pink Prayer book and we will spend dedicated time each day bringing your prayers and ours to the Good Lord above. He has done so much for very much...

It is a honor to pray for you...always an honor...

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