the cartwheel...

Last week I purchased a beautiful bag from themarykatherinshop on etsy. The fabric I chose was a little girl doing a cart wheel. I love it. It's whimsical and so much fun. It's a happy bag strong enough to hold all my mobile "writing center" of notebooks, laptop, pencil cases, iPod, etc. It's padded and the workmanship is top notch.

When I put my photo on my FB page, my friends Charlotte and Katherine (both of whom live in Texas. Those Texans are cray cray!) dared me to do a cratwheel while holding the bag of the the little girl doing the cartwheel.

Sweet Molly! You two are nuts! Do you not realize I am a size 18 woman who has not cartwheeled since the mid 1980's?? Not one to be deterred by age, grace, agility or an extra sixtry pounds I decided to take up the challenge this afternoon.

I give you Cirque de Crash...the tale of a cartwheel.

There will not be a sequel. I am now icing down my pride and pulling my shirt back up. I apologize for a little too much cleavage in a few of the shots. I am horrified, but not horrified enough to do it again. The cartwheel that is.

Humiliate myself on the internet?? Apparently I am willing to do that anytime anywhere.

Like a Boss! Bam!

crash test 1 from Mary Lenaburg on Vimeo.

crash test #2 from Mary Lenaburg on Vimeo.

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