what i wore vol. 57 ~ palazzo part two

I didn't get photos of all my outfits this week. I refuse to share photos of me in spandex or yoga pants. I cannot be responsible for all the cases of spontaneous blindness that would take place throughout the lower 48. I will spare you that image. Trust me, it's a good thing. 

Anyhoo, today I wore another pair of palazzo pants. That's right I own TWO pairs. You saw the happy sailor pair last week. Today it's a black and white aztec print kind of day. I accessorized with my "disco ball" earrings, a fab bracelet from JCrew that cam my way as a gift last Christmas and the most awesome sandals. These are elastic people. Stretchy and comfy and awesome. They are from Lane Bryant and my top and pants are various house brands from Macy's. 

Not sure how I feel about the top/pant combo. Love the colors but I feel like the tops is too long. I don't know. It was comfortable though. 

This past week started out pretty well, until mid-week when Miss Courtney's seizures returned with a vengence. I just wish there was some way to predict them. Alas after twenty-one years there are no answers so we just soldier on. This was the last week of my Get Your Pretty On Summer Challenge. I had so much fun with Allison and all the girls. I felt like I got a little braver with pattern mixing. I look forward to the fall challenge. 

On Monday I wore a black maxi dress, blinged out striped sweater that you have seen before, black earrings and my gladiator sandals. Have I mentioned how comfortable these sandals are? Oh Mama, I love them. I was able to find them on sale and in a wide width. Made this girls Fred Flinstone feet so very happy happy. 

On Tuesday I wore my black/white zig zag maxi skirt and a heather green t-shirt with ruching details on the sleeves and on the side seems. It's very flattering taking away some of the bulk at my trouble spots streamlining things a bit. I have one in red that I wear quite a bit as well. 

Add my trusty black patten leather flip flops, beaded black earring that I have had since college, a few million bangle bracelets and we were ready to go. Let's not forget my Vera Bradley water cup that Santa put in my stocking at Christmas. This thing goes with me everywhere. Love it. 

On Wednesday I wore a knit dress from Charter Club at Macy's. It is navy blue with a gold stripe. I call it my Navy Wife dress since I wear it when hubby and I go to Annapolis to explore his old stomping ground at the Academy. It's comfy and cool so it's a perfect dress to wear to PT with Courtney since I can move in it. 

I wore my natural toned gladiator sandals that day but by the time I got a picture taken it was after dinner time and I was feeling a little punchy. 

Gee, what gave it away. 

On Thursday I wore my cotton orange and navy Lands End dress. I have three of them, all bought on 40% at the beginning of the season at Sears. Three dresses that are wash and wear AND I spent less than $125. 

Now that I am on a shopping ban for the foreseeable future, I am even happier with the purchase. All three will take me into the fall with the addition of different cardigans and maybe even a decorative scarf or tow. Yay for smart shopping!

I added a navy bolero jacket some flip flops and some dangly earrings that have navy and orange stones in them. The empire waist on the dress is very flattering on my cake pop figure. It will also work as I continue to lose weight as well. FTW!!

Friday and Saturday were pretty low key involving lots of errand running, house cleaning and even a little grilling. Today we will do the same. Gotta love summer. 

The other BIG news is that I cut four inches off of Miss Courtney's hair this morning. I am praying that all her curls will cover my hatchet job. Boy oh boy, do I need beauty school lessons. Yikes. 

Why did we cut it? Well, Miss C is NOT a fan of anything hair  related and things were beginning to get out of hand with her rubbing and matting the back of her hair. So it was time. I just did my best. I think it turned out OK. We shall see how it goes with styling this week. 

Happy Sunday Y'all!

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