what i wore ~ vol. 58...graphics to the max...

Hello My Sweet Friends, 

I pray your weekend is going well. Yesterday was a fabulous day for this Chica. While Miss Courtney stayed home with Daddy, I was able to get out for the day spending time with new friends and old. There was coffee, chatting, quilt shop browsing, fabulous onion rings and milkshakes, more chatting and finally a welcome home dinner with my Mom who spent the last two weeks in Russia. It was so good to have her home. So very good. 

I came home feeling rested and rejuvenated. a day out was just what I needed to lift my spirits. I am so grateful to my honey for keeping the home fires burning. Miss Courtney had a fabulous day without a seizure in sight. She laughed and was very happy with her Daddy. I think we all needed a day to go well and thankfully we got it.

This morning I had to serve as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at the 9 am Mass, so I needed something simple and comfortable to wear. No fuss since my wake-up call was quite early. I went to the closet and came out with a graphic print dress from Talbots. My Mom had found it on sale several weeks before she left and thought I would like it. 

She was right. I do. It's a slip and with a bold Navy/Red graphic design. I wore black gladiator sandals for comfort and they worked out well, since it's a midnight blue, almost black, until you get into the sunshine. 

It is a must when wearing gladiators to walk like and Egyptian. I totally had to. This is where I really appreciated my spanx. A side shot is the least flattering for me since I hold all my weight in the front. I mean the double chin is enough to make me cringe. Thank goodness I had spanx on or else I would have blinded you with fright. 

Speaking of blinding you, Jerry was being a pickle this morning when I asked him to take my photos. He was a tad grumpy so I started making face at him. Just call this "the Three Faces of Mary". Hopefully it will not put you off your tea. LOL! 

Miss Courtney is taking a nap and so far today no seizures. Yay! I pray it continues throughout out the day.

Have a great day y'all.

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