you know that time I let the devil won...not no more...

So it's 24 hours post freak out and I have once again achieved peace and serenity. 


Who am I kidding?? 

First,  I went onto Facebook last night and asked for hep. I love Facebook for that very reason. When I need a little guidance or input I'll get it. 

I emailed a pediatrician friend of mine and she walked me through a recipe to make my own ointment for Miss Courtney, using a combo of over the counter items. It will be called "Miss Courtney's Happy Butt Balm". I look forward to many days of no rashes and happy little butt cheeks for my daughter at 1/16 of the cost. 

Can I get an amen??  Yes! 

I promise to share the recipe once I have it all done in the coming days. This incident got me thinking about how many things I just accept when it comes to Courtney's care. I pay the co-pay and don't think about it. After all there are so many details to take care of that wherever I can catch a break I try to take advantage of it. 

No more of that. 

We will be rethinking some little things in the coming weeks to help streamline costs as well as have a purer, healthier alternative for her where we can. 

I hate it when I let the devil win. I hate that in the heat of the moment I freak out and forget that God has my girls back in all things, including $375 diaper ointment. I still have much work to do my friends to trust without freaking. 

Much work to do. 

Today, I deeeeeepppp cleaned my master bedroom and my sewing area,  I washed, folded and put away three loads of laundry, did some PT floor work with my Courtney, then went through my closet and pared things down to one size instead of the three different sizes I had in there. 

I love losing weight. I am only 1/3 of the way there but it sure feels good to get even a pound or two off this week. 

Then I made vegetarian chili for the fam and the hubby made the best skillet corn bread this side of the Mississippi. My man, he got some skilz!! This was followed by a cup of Butter Brickle ice cream. 

NOW I feel peace and tranquility once more. 

Crap,  I just saw my shoe pile and well, I'll deal with that tomorrow. 

Thank you for your prayers, your words of encouragement, your ideas and your just plane awesomeness. I don't know what I would do without you friends. 


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