I LOVE surprises! 

I also love holidays, birthdays and major feast days. Anything that allows a celebration I am all in. I was one of those kids whose tummy would be tied up in knots for days before a birthday or Christmas. I would drive my mother crazy with all the questions and jumping and bouncing about. The anticipation of presents, my favorite food or family visiting from out of town would send me into a sleepless frenzy of ca.ray.zee.

I am still that way today. Once a kid, always a heart anyway. 

Tomorrow I will celebrate my 26th Wedding anniversary. It's a wonderful day filled with funny stories and memories shared with my beloved. There are usually cards exchanged and a fancy dinner shared, just the two of us, in a lovely setting that requires ties and a pretty dress. 

It's a once a year event. A day to look into each other's eyes and revel in the fact that we made it through another year of the insanity that is our life. Sometimes, there might even be flowers and chocolates. 

As you know I LOVE fresh cut flowers. There is never a happier moment for me than to arrange some flowers from the grocery store or if I am lucky enough from my own yard. I may or may not have at one point kissed and hugged a very confused flower delivery man and danced all the way to the kitchen with an arrangement in hand. 

My husband on the other hand has a different view of flowers. As in, he thinks they are a waste of money because they are expensive and they just die. So why bother? I suppose this gives you a hint as to who the romantic one in this relationship is. 

This year there will be no fancy dinner or cards exchanged. We agreed to forgo these things and use the $$ saved to take care of some Courtney expenses. It's OK. All will be well. I am just so very happy to be walking hand in hand with this man. He is such a gift to me and to this family. I don't know where we would be without his strong leadership, wise guidance and unconditional love. We can talk about his faults another day. Every year on August 6, he's just the BEST!!

So imagine my surprise when these lovely little gems appeared on my table, placed there my a yet unidentified co-conspirator. There was squealing, jumping with glee and possibly a snoopy dance. 

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE flowers? Just checking. 

Thank my sweetheart. Thank you for surprising me and thank you for asking me to be your bride all those years ago. I would say yeas again in a heart beat. 

I love you forever and always, to the moon and back. You are my beloved and I am yours. 

Happy 26th Anniversary!

If you are able to help with Courtney's adaptive equipment costs:

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