Surgery day began very, very early this morning. Like pre-dawn early. There was a bath to give with special soap. Finding the softest pj's with a button front for afterward. Making sure the hair was braided so it stayed out of her face. Had fresh formula made for the post-surgery tube feedings. The hospital bags to pack for both Miss Courtney and myself. Then the 90 minute drive to the hospital. Registration. A stop at the hospital chapel. Daddy prayed over her. Then off to the surgery center. More paper work. Needles, blood draws, IV's. More Doctor's than you could shake a stick at. Scrubs for Mama. Hospital gown for Courtney. Then the dreaded hand off. God's grace was overwhelming in that moment. Not a tear was shed. I kissed her told her I loved her and that she was a fighter. Then I let her go. A total of 90 minutes from start to finish in the operating room. SHE WAS A CHAMP!! Miss Courtney's blood pressure stayed steady, the implant went in beautifully, no seizure breakthroughs which is just amazing and a first for her. She woke up beautifully in recovery and again her blood pressure was steady. She did so well, so much better than the last two surgeries that after a little pow-wow with the team they decided she could come home tonight. THANK YOU JESUS!! So home we are. Home. Fed. Held. Snuggled. Sung to. Loved On. Back Asleep.

In other news, Jerry has been extended for two weeks at work. Which means his lay-off date is pushed back from Sept. 1 to Sept. 15. This gives him a little more time to find a new position. He is working his tail off to find a new job. Please continue to cover him in prayer. The PayPal is set up to accept donations to cover Courtney's hospital bills and expenses as Jerry faces unemployment. Today's co-pays alone will be at least one full paycheck. So grateful that we get another two weeks of insurance coverage.

Thank you feels trite but that's all my very exhausted brain can up with right now. Thank you for your prayers. For your words of encouragement. For your practical gifts. My heart is overflowing with gratitude and awe at the Lord's provision for this day. He is good ALL the time. He truly is.