i may or may not have...

Happy Saturday to all my Peeps out in the hinterlands of the interwebs!! I pray this glorious and awesome day finds you and yours basking in the end of summer celebrations remembered fondly as back tot school shopping hell and squeezing out every ounce of grilling glory those magical charcoal briquettes will give you. 

As for us here at Chez Lenaburg, we are celebrating our beautifully, awesome, fantastically, amazingly strong willed and spicy little number known to the world as Miss Courtney or the "You are My Sunshine" fame. She is enjoying extra snuggles with Mama and Daddy along with some marathon story telling done by none other than her fabulously talented big brother. She is eating and waking up a little more every hour. She was under some seriously powerful drugs yesterday and it may also take a few days to get used to her new med levels. 

Upon returning from the hospital yesterday evening I may or may not have had some Wendy's french fries for dinner followed by a lovely chocolate Frosty. I may or may not have cared about the calorie count or the cholesterol levels. I may or may not have followed said french fries/ frosty combo with a very small bag of Starbursts. 

I may or may not have slipped into my daughters bed in the wee hours of the morning, to hold her, listen to her sweet little hum as she breathed deeply and easliy. I may or may not have quietly wept at the beauty and glory of this precious young woman, who quite honestly, should not be here right now.  I may or may not have made all kinds of promises to God if he would just cut us some slack for a little bit before more drama or trauma. I may or may not have ended my little therapy session with "Who am I kidding. You are going to allow what you allow, when and how you decide it to be. Please just give me a few days to catch my breath. Thanks!" 

This morning I may or may not have decided to go to the Jim Gaffigan concert tonight at Wolftrap giving my hard won, wait on the phone 45 minutes to purchase them the day they came out, before they sold out in two days, to my husband to share with our son instead of celebrating with his beloved of 26 years. This Mama is most certainly not ready to leave her little miracle maker for any length of time just yet. I may or may not qualify for martyrdom with said sacrifice. 

In the midst of my said martyrdom, I may or may not have said fresh flowers or chocolate would be a great exchange for this apparent self sacrifice. My husband may or may not have given me a choice this afternoon of getting me fresh flowers or allowing me to slip away while Courtney was napping for exactly 45 minutes to get a happy little pedicure. I may or may not have run to the door with my hair on fire thinking of the happy little bubble bath my feet were about to receive for the first time all summer! 

Hot pink flowers on happy massaged feet! I may or may not feel like dancing now. 

I may or may not care if you judge me harshly for these events or make fun of my awesomesauce dance moves. I may or may not be heading straight for the freezer after I press publish for the vey last Dove Bar in the house. I may or may not run over anyone in my way. 

Just sayin...never get between a girl and her chocolate.

If you are able to help with Courtney's adaptive equipment costs: