in the midst of joy...more challenge...

Thanks Kathy V and Kim K for the flower power!!

Good Morning One and ALL,

Thanks to ALL of you who have sent the sweetest most wonderful, decorations, cards, letters and art work for our Courtney's birthday celebration this weekend. We are so humbled and blessed beyond measure. It's really quite overwhelming.

Her VNS Neurosurgery is schedule for Tuesday, August 26 at Georgetown. We will stay overnight to make sure all is well with the VNS placement and then be home to recuperate for 3-4 weeks. Hopefully all will be well and she will head back to PT by the first week of October.

At least that was the plan last night.

This morning we face a new challenge.

My husband called to inform me that he will be laid off on September 1, 2014. His contract will not be exteneded. For those of you familiar with government defense contracting you know it's not for the faint of heart. He has been with the same company since leaving active duty service in the Navy 15 years ago. He has been on several different contracts doing whatever it is he does without interruption for that entire time. I am so thankful for that.

This morning that all changed. I have no idea what is going to happen from here on out. I know there will be some severance and minimal medical coverage. We have already checked and Courtney's surgery will be covered. Thank you Jesus. As for anything else, it's all up in the air.

Why share this with you?

Well, I promised to "be real" and not put a false face on a typical day caring for a handicapped child. It does't get more real than the last seven days my friends. So please pray for my husband who bares the heaviest burden of financially supporting us, that God guide his steps to new employment quickly. Please pray for me to remain calm in the face of one HELL of a storm.

I give it over to the Good Lord...ALL of it. This doesn't mean that this is not going to be the hardest walk we have had in some time, but I trust that He will provide what we need when we need it.

I also reserver the right to bitch and moan in the future if things begin to overwhelm me. I am a sinner after all. 

I am thankful that through careful living and sticking to a strict budget that Miss Courtney's party is all taken care of, which may seem so trivial to many of you but right now, this Mama needs some joy and JOY we shall have. Anything that happens after this weekend is up to the good Lord.

Please pray for us would you?? While you're on your knees with me, let's ALL remember to praise Him for his provision. He will not abandon us.

I know this! I live this! I honor this!

To God be ALL Glory and Praise in ALL circumstances!!

With love and gratitude,

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