it's all kelly's fault...

So a few weeks ago, Kelly @ This Ain't Lyceum challenged the world to a lip synching contest. Well not the world per say, but Mama's who stay home and care for their littles. In my case, my sweet Courtney. You know we all need to just break out and dance from time to time. Or so I am told. 

Hot off my mega awesome performance at Perry and Melissa's wedding last weekend, I decided that the time was now. For those of you who have witnessed my karaoke prowess, I know that this will not shock you. 

I took her up on the challenge. I did. Not only that, I am in my PJ's. Heaven help those who witness this fierce rendition of "It's All About the Bass". 

**warning** this may cause blindness or frighten kitten or small puppies. There ate two bad words. One is bi*@#$ and the other is sh@*. You may not even notice them for the awesomeness of the dancing will take your breath away or make you want to vomit. Either have been warned. **warning**

Kelly I blame you entirely if the men with the white coats show up at my door. Actually, that sounds nice. I could use the rest. 

Ladies and gentleman...I give you a white girl dancing...who ain't no size two...

trim.9E557184-241D-413F-B466-E2E913C23A6C from Mary Lenaburg on Vimeo.

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