Join us for Operation "Happy Birthday Courtney!"...

On Saturday, August 16, 2014 we will be gathering in our back yard with local family and friends to celebrate the 22nd Birthday of our Courtney. This has been quite a roller coaster year for our daughter and with the recent news, Jerry and I decided that we would fire up the grill and throw on some hamburgers and hot dogs, open the doors and celebrate our girls big day. Her actual birthday is Monday, August 18 but since most people are working on a Monday, Saturday the 16th it is. 

Here is where YOU my sweet friends come in. YOU will be in charge of the decorations. 

WHat??? How can that be when you live in Michigan, Texas, Indiana, Ohio or anywhere not in Northern Virginia???

Here's what we would LOVE for you and your families to do. If you have paper, pencils, crayons and markers, paint, glue, glitter, or whatever than you can be a part of this.

We would LOVE for you and your kids to make a special birthday card or picture celebrating Miss Courtney. 

It can be something that you think she would love to be doing, it could be here in her wheelchair. it could be stick figure or bubble people. She can be bald or a hair full of curls. However you (they) see her. 

Whatever you and your child (young adults count here too) come up with. The more colorful the better.  My plan is to pin them up all over as our party decorations allowing family to see how our girls message of love and joy has traveled far and wide. 

If any of you know of someone with spectacular art skills I would love an image of Miss Courtney in all her curls glory running into the arms of Jesus through a file of bluebonnets with her wheelchair in the back. Its a dream I have had since she was a little girl. 

How we will we do this? ALL you need to do is email me at and with "Court Bday" in the message line and I will send you our mailing address for you to send it to her. If you want to scan your art and send it electronically, we can do that to. Whatever is easier for you. 

No matter how little the artists are or how old, please make sure they sign their card/art. That way when we read the messages to Miss Courtney she knows who is taking part in her special day. 

Try to get it here by Friday August 15 BUT if for some reason it doesn't arrive in time, no owrries. We will hang it when it comes. 

Please spread the word. Even if the family doesn't know us or our girl, the more the merrier. Adults can get into the act as well. You know you have always wanted to color again. 

So what do you say?? We can do this right?? 

Heck yeah we can...Let Operation Happy Birthday Courtney begin!!

If you are able to help with Courtney's adaptive equipment costs: