post one...

She was smiling but she wouldn't open her eyes...argh!

Well here we are post surgery day one. So far so very good. Miss Courtney has been the model patient. Truly. She hasn't gone after her surgical site which is on the top left side of her chest. She has left it alone, no tugging or hitting it. Miraculous if you ask me. 

She is taking all her meds like a champ. She is on a new antibiotic for the next seven days as a precaution. She has only had one small seizure today which is again, flippin miraculous. 

She is still sleeping most of the day. We hope to be able to back off her seizure meds a little at a time later this week. We had increased them to cover her seizure threshold while we were waiting for the VNS to be replaced. Now that it's been done we can back off them a little. Hopefully the seizures will stay at bay. 

What happens now? Well we see the Doc on Tuesday to make sure she is healing well and to check her surgical site. Then we see the Neurosurgeon in a month, to check the VNS and make sure all is well. 

Other than that, the Doc asked that we stay home for the next four weeks to give Miss Courtney the best chance of healing and to give her weakened immune system a chance to strengthen. Also we need her to gain some more weight. We can't start PT again until October to allow her surgery site to completely heal. 

So we will take one day at a time, the same as we always have. We trust in God's plan for our girl. Now that we have done everything that can possibly be done to help her fight her seizures, the rest is up to God.

I have been enjoying extra snuggle time and lots of bedside singing in the last 36 hours. I would not have it any other way. 

I ask for your prayers not only for Courtney and her healing from this surgery, for her strength to fight the seizures, but for me and her Mama and chief caregiver. As a Type A personality being home for so long is a serious challenge for this people person but I know it needs to happen so Courtney has the very best chance we can give her. 

Thanks to all that have so very kindly donated through PayPal and through the mail. We have set these funds aside to be used to pay Courtney's medical bills which are now rolling in daily from her last two ER admissions. In a few weeks the co-pays from her surgery start arriving. YAY! 

Jerry is working his network like a champ to try and find a new job in the next few weeks. This two week lay-off extension is a Godsend, truly. We are entrusting this job search to St. Joseph. 

Blessings to one and all,