something new...yippee!

1 p.m. Update - Tuesday, August 19

Here we go my friends...after 19 hours of seizing yesterday our girl is finally sleeping nicely.

 The type of seizures they saw are totally new for her. Totally freaking new as in she has never had them before in 22 years of seizing!!! Holy Buckets!!

Our medical picture just got more complicated. 

Yeah Team Courtney!

 We are now making changes to her seizure medications and will be headed home in a few more hours. We are still on schedule for next Tuesday's Nuerosurgery to replace her VNS battery. We will be inpatient for the night then as well. This keeps getting better and better. Where are the locusts and the frogs??

They will be releasing us in a few hours and we will be home by dinner tonight. I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed again. Oh the bliss that will be!!

In conclusion, for her 22nd Birthday Courtney's gift to her Mama was a new type of seizure, one never seen on her EEG before yesterday. That's a "first" I could have done without. 

God help us all.  

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