too many tuesday mornings like this...

Here is a quick update on my sweet Courtney...9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, August 19, 2014...Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa Lenaburg!!

My view this bright and shiny Tuesday morning. The seizures finally stopped around 3 a.m. ish and she finally fell into a deep sleep. We are waiting for Neuro to decide the next step. I wait upon the arrival of some seriously strong coffee which should arrive on about three hours accompanied by a handsome balding man known as My Beloved or Court's Daddy. I got a record breaking two hours Of sleep last night. Not bad for a hospital stay. Must be why I feel like skipping down the hallway throwing kisses and rainbows to everyone we meet...or maybe I am just delusional. I will go with the latter. #courtneysworld #specialneedskid #seizuressuck #ihatehospitals #ilovemygirl #needcoffeestat

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