what i wore ~ vol. 62...weddings and such...

Happy Sunday Y'all. 

Things here at Chez Lenaburg are in full pre-surgery swing with Miss Courtney. She goes in for her VNS Neurosurgery on Tuesday and the preparations here at home have begun. We are giving extra feedings and taking great care with her environment to help her recover well. 

She has been house bound for the last week to protect her as best we could from sickness. Jerry and I did slip out yesterday to attend the wedding of two fabulous youngsters. How I do love weddings. 

I have gained a little weight in the last few weeks so I chose a dress that was comfy and had a little room so I didn't have to wear Spanx. It was way too hot and humid for that business. I have worn this Talbots dress many times before and it's the perfect weight for dancing and slightly stretchy to make that extra piece of wedding cake possible. 

'cause you know it's all about the cake...

Anyhoo, the shoes were super comfy even though they are a four inch wedge and the clutch is one of my favs. Nothing like a little stitch work to make a piece so unique and original. 

This morning Jerry and I split for Mass so one of us was with with Court. Again I was not in the mood for anything tight at all. So I paired a hot pink patterned tunic form Lands End with a long pair of dark denim shorts and t-strap sandals. My bracelets are from a local shop and they are made out of clay. So cool. I also used the same clutch as yesterday. It's my new favorite. 

This past week has been a tough one for our girl. You all have been so very kind with your prayers and encouragement. We are blessed. So very blessed. I will say it time and time again. You lift us out of the darkness every single time. Thank you so very much. 

We've had smiles today. We've had seizures today. We've had blessings today. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring but that's OK. We will continue on with the plan and look forward to getting through this surgery done on Tuesday and then spend the next four weeks lying low and recovering, both physically and emotionally. 

This is the last medical intervention we can offer our girl. Everything else has been done. We place our trust in God and our gifted medical practitioners. We will keep loving our Courtney and caring for her as best we can. As far as Jerry's impending lay off, that too we give over to God. His last scheduled day is Friday, but God works miracles all the time. 

You never know what this week will bring. You just never know. 

Amazingly enough I have no anxiety for either situation. I really don't. Yes, the bills keep coming in and the pile grows. God has always provided for our family and I know without a doubt He will continue to. He will. My job is to do my best with our resources and s.t.r.e.t.c.h. them as best I can. 

We are not alone in this. So many families are facing similar circumstances. Times are tough and the one day at a time philosophy is how I am able to face it all. 

God is good ALL the time!! All the time God is GOOD!!


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