a priest, a youth minister and a blog reader...

Father G and Miss Therese...

Once there was a priest, a youth minister and a blog reader who all loved and cared for our Courtney. They each reached out and asked to visit. Today was that day. 

So Miss Courtney put on a new outfit and Mama tortured her by putting her hair in a ponytail. Then they came to say hello. There was laughter and story telling, Miss Courtney smiled from time to time but slept as well. 

Then love bomb #3 arrived via the UPS man and these three beautiful people helped this Mama go through the boxes and put away Miss Courtney's clothing and supplies. They were amazed by the incredible generosity they witnessed. 

Some of the boxes had the names of the givers and some givers chose to remain annonoymous. ALL are appreciated and prayed for every single day by me and my girl. 

Throughout the opening and reading of well wishes and prayers, Miss Courtney just smiled and slept, woke up and laughed, then smiled and slept. She has been having a harder time sitting for long periods of time, so we got this mat from Costco a few weeks ago with memory foam. BEST $79 ever spent for this child. She loves it and she is not stuck in her bed all the time. This way she can be out in the living room where the action is. 

Miss Therese softly brushing Court's new jammies on her face
so she can feel them. 

Anything that we can do to help her be more a part of things I will do. Today showed me that I did the right thing with that purchase. It was so wonderful to see my girl being a part of the visit. She loved it when Miss Therese showed her the lovely jammies and warm sweaters that arrived just for her. 

Then Miss Kathryn, a beautiful new friend, blog reader and faithful prayer partner, got down on the ground to chat with Court about all the things that are important to 22 year old girls. She just quietly chatted as if they were best buddies sitting in their dorm rooms in college. I saw in that moment what could have been and realized that our reality is just as beautiful. What college student comes over to chat about fashion and music with a special needs kid who she has only seen through a computer screen? How awesome is God that He touched Kathryn's heart to come and spend time with our girl??

Miss Courtney didn't appreciate the sunshine today. LOL! That face.
So awesome. God is using this daughter of mine to speak His love language and it is amazing to see it play out. We now have a new friend who will continue to pray for our girl whether she is here or in heaven. It blows my mind to think of our daughter's reach without ever saying a word. 

Once all the excitement died down, we weighed Miss Courtney. She is down another pound. Not good but not unexpected. My heart tells me that October/November may be the time we see her go home to God, but then I am not God, just a Mama trying to get ready to have empty arms.

New jammies and fleece blanket makes for one happy girl...

We bathed our girl and put her in a pair of her new jammies. She was happy and comfy, warm and snug all because of YOU, your beautiful hearts and generous giving spirits my sweet readers. YOU have once again made our world a little happier, a little less stressed, a little warmer and way more full of love. 

Today was a really good day. It was filled with people who care deeply about our family, gifts of chocolate and coffee, homemade dinner and more chocolate. What more could this Mama ask for? 

Not a darn thing...

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