love bombs...

Jerry looks so confused. He told me yesterday that in these hard economic
times people are struggling to take care of their own. 

"Don't get your hopes us, they would not be helping us."
 I told him to trust in God's plan for our family. 

Then this happened.
Jerry - 0, God - 1,000,000

Well, well, well...after yesterday's post all about our plan, you all took things into your own hands. 

You guys, you guys, you guys...

I am not even sure what to say. Today we were love bombed. I mean it was HUGE! UPS man using a dolly HUGE. When I made the Amazon two days ago I had no idea what would happen. I literally went through, chose what was needed, wanted and dreamed of and left the rest in God's hands. I KNEW whatever happened, HE would provide for us. 


Did HE ever provide. His Holy Spirit moved though the interwebs and touched so many of you. I stand in AWE of Our Lord in this moment. 

Courtney now has all she needs (and more) to face the next few weeks/months/year on this earth. There are a few more cases of baby food left to purchase for her g-tube formula, but other than that, it's ALL done. I just have no words. 

Once again on the advice of several readers/in real life friends, Jerry and I went through some of the frozen food that is readily available on Amazon and chose a few things. 

We will start having homemade meals delivered from local friends and family as we get closer to the finish line, but for now with all that is required to care for Courtney daily, it is easier to just have something in the freezer to make the family each night. 

before the seizures started this afternoon...

Dinner is proving a struggle for me. After dealing with her daily care and then paperwork and housework, I am just a wee bit exhausted and my brain is way fuzzy. So having something ready in the house, not requiring anything but an oven or microwave is what's best in this moment. 

By having it delivered via Amazon or what have you, I am not required to grocery shop at the moment which is a good thing. Today Miss Courtney started off well, was smiling and humming, but then just spent the last two hours dealing with cluster seizures to the point that we had to administer her rescue meds. She is finally sleeping and I think the seizures have stopped for now. 

Only time will tell. 

I am ready for a nap. Watching your daughter fight for breath during a seizure you can't stop is exhausting, both physically and emotionally. This is how it's going to be. Happy clappy living one minute then drama the next. So if you are moved to assist in "making a meal" via Amazon for us the items have been placed on the list and my two hungry men and my deep freeze thank you. 

The PayPal button and the GoFundMe are still open as well to help defray the cost of her medical care as well as address the extensive medical debt we have. 

As for what has been delivered today and what will be coming, know that we are so grateful and humbled to be loved so well. I won't be able to send individual thank you notes for these since no ones addresses were on the package, but be assured of my daily prayers of thanksgiving for you and those you hold dear.  

I promise to take lots of photos of Miss Court and her new wardrobe. 

Blessings and Grace from our home to yours, 

Courtney's Amazon Wish List Link

** we humbly thank you from the bottom of our hearts 
for any help with Courtney's extensive medical bills**

We Love the Lenaburgs - Team Courtney Fundraiser


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