mustang sally rides into saturday...

mustang sally...

We have our plan in place. The love bombs keep happening. I needed to take a moment to say thank you to each and every one of you who are praying, sending love bombs, helping financially, or spreading the word about our beautiful Courtney. We are overwhelmed with gratitude. Truly we are. I am stunned at the response. Just stunned. 

God's provision should never be questioned. Lesson learned...again. (face palm)

Today Miss Courtney is wearing her second #TeamCourtney outfit. A lovely soft cotton horse print tunic and a very comfy pair of Navy blue sweats. She is happy even though she does not look it in the photo. 

We had a rough evening here yesterday. Two and a half hours of cluster seizures that followed one whopping 9 minute grand-mal seizure. Wowza! Miss Courtney fought hard. We had to administer rescue meds and she is still coming back form all the excitement. 

So today it's been quiet here at Chez Lenaburg. 

We will have company for dinner. Aunt Pam and my nieces Jessica and Samantha are up this way for a football game, so burgers on the grill it will be. I am glad they will be here to spend some time with our Courtney. It's important these days that the doors are open and people are allowed their time to say what they need to say. 

Now for a #TeamCourtney update. 

First, the Amazon Wish List has been updated. What you will see in the link is what is left to be purchased on the list. We cleaned the deep freeze today so we are ready for the frozen meals as they arrive. I also added some lotion to the list for Miss C's very delicate skin and baby yogurt we used in her blended formula. There are a few more articles of clothing that will help with layering her as the weather changes. She is so thin she has no body fat to fight with. Warm and comfy is the name of the game. 

There are also gift certificates to local restaurants and of course Starbucks <g>. Many of you have asked about other gift certificates for Courtney. The two places I get things for her is Nordstrom's (being a former employee) and Macy's. Gift Certificates to those establishments are always welcome. Also gas cards to any of the major stations, again always welcome. It's $100 to fill up the wheelchair van, so that is always fun. Not. 

Sometimes one of the boxes is for Mama! Score!

Several of you have asked about her funeral arrangements and expressing a desire to either help financially or with your individual talents for the Mass. We will be meeting with the funeral home in the next two weeks as well as with our Pastor to make plans. I will know more then. As far as Courtney's casket and outfit for that day, those are taken care of (Thank you Lord for such generosity).

So where does that leave us? 

Any monetary donations given to the GoFundMe page will be going to pay off medical debt. It is extensinve. In the last five years alone we have accumulated almost $75,000 in debt. This is a drop in the bucket for many families who have special needs children, believe me. It is our plan that I will go back to work once this is all over to help take care of some of that. Until then, we pay what we can and keep moving forward relying on the Good Lord above to make it all work. 

If you donate to the PayPal, you have the option in the "notes" area to direct that to something specific. For example, this morning my friend Patty took me to Dinner Done, a local establishment where you can make meals for your family out of fresh ingredients already shopped and chopped for you. All you do is go in and make them up, bring them home and freeze them. It was awesome. I came home with three meals already set for this week which are now in the freezer. (Thanks so much Patty. It was awesome)

I received a lovely donation this morning in which they asked me to use it for dinner delivery, to help ease the dinner hour burden. I have set that aside to go back to Dinner Done next week or the week after. Another donor asked me to use their donation for some new books for Courtney, since we read to her at least two hours a day. I did that in their honor. 

Just let me know if you have a preference and I will do my best to honor it. You are a part of this journey. We could not have done this for twenty-two years without you. 

Also, several of you have asked what you can do for my birthday this Thursday, September 25. My grey hairs tell me that #47 is going to be an interesting year. LOL!! 

Taking a deep breath here and honoring your request to ask for something for hard...

It's not that I don't want to do things, it's just that you all have already been so generous that I feel to ask for more is just so uncool. However, I promised so here you go.

Other than praying for me and my daughter as you have been doing, sending sweet notes, which you are also doing, the only thing I truly would love to do is get my hair cut, nails done and a facial for my poor rosacea face. I was given a facial once as a gift and let me tell you, life changing. SO awesome. 

There, I did it. I actually asked for something for myself. I want to go back and erase the whole paragraph but I promised at least ten of you awesome readers I would do this, so here you go. This is where I would go for the hair cut and facial if you are moved to help with a gift certificate or you can just tag it on PayPal. 

I feel like throwing up. I tell you,  I will beg, borrow and steal for my kids to provide what is needed, but to ask for myself feels icky and presumptuous as hell. Please know that I appreciate you even thinking about such an occasion in the midst of everything else going on. Truly, thank you.

Lastly, many of you have asked is if there is anything you can do for Jerry or Jonathan. Jerry is so blown away with the Lord's provision, he is still speechless from yesterday. LOL! He is a HUGE military history guy and books are his passion, so Amazon take it away. My Jonathan is a HUGE anime, comic book, video game guy who loves all things computing. take it away. 

They both are very excited that there is a possibility they will not be eating spaghetti or eggs and toast five days a week this week. Very, very excited! So thank you one more time for the frozen meals.  

That's it. That's all I've got. Miss Courtney continues to fight the good fight and we continue to wait upon the Lord for the signal that today is the day she will come home to Him. 

We are honored to be walking this journey with our girl. She deserves the very best we can provide and come hell or high water we will do what we need to to keep her happy and comfortable until the end. You have helped so much in making that possible and we will be forever grateful for that.

We will see you tomorrow for What I Wore. There may be lip synching again. Just saying.     

Blessings and Grace, 

Courtney's Amazon Wish List Link

** we humbly thank you from the bottom of our hearts 
for any help with Courtney's extensive medical bills**

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