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My girl had a great morning this monring. We had a visit from our friend Mary Alice (who also brought dinner, which smells awesome in the oven at this moment in time) and we also got to wear a new shirt/yoga pants combo I went and got last night at Sears. Land's End was having a sale so I looked for the largest kids clothes and bought these two pieces for under $30. I think they look cute and not too juvenile. What say you?

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your honest and forthright comments to yesterdays blog post. I was so pleasantly surprised by your willingness to listen to my rants and whines. LOL! I will continue to write through this process and we carry our girl home.

One thing that popped up in the comments was the suggestion to make an Amazon wish list for Courtney's clothing and other needs. My email was flooded with the same idea. I feel like a moron for not doing this sooner. So make a list I did. I included not only clothing but some flannel sheets for her bed, personal care items, items for her g-tube formula and even the detergent I use for her clothing. That should cover what needs to be done for her. I will post the link with each blog post. You all are so generous and kind with your help for our girl. It just takes my breath away.

In other GOOD news, Jerry's company extended him for another TWO WEEKS!! This pushes his lay-off date to OCTOBER 3, 2015. This means we will be covered by insurance until November 3, 2015 if he gets laid off. Praise God for this gift!! He is good, so very good!!

They really like Jerry at NG and respect his work ethic there, so hopefully this will give him and the HR dept. a little more time to find a job within the company to re-deploy him too. He came though the door this afternoon with a SMILE on his face. Oh how I missed that smile. He is still waiting to hear about a few other positions outside the company as well. I cannot ask more than that. Saint Joseph has got this one. I just know it, no matter the outcome.

What a beautiful day it has been. The weather is crisp and fille dwith possibility of fall. We had a beautiful visit with an old friend from homeschooling days. She made an awesome dinner for us with dessert!! Miss Courtney has a few new pieces of comfy clothing to wear and even fighting through seizures, she is still smiling. Oh, I almost forgot. She has poodled every day this week on her OWN without and help!! (That's #2 for those of you wondering). THAT is a freaking miracle as well.

I even had a piece of dark chocolate today. Awesomesauce my friends!! Life is just filled with an abundant number of blessings!!

God is good ALL the time!! Thanks for all the love!!

Courtney's Amazon Wish List Link

** we humbly thank you from the bottom of our hearts 
for any help with Courtney's extensive medical bills**

We Love the Lenaburgs - Team Courtney Fundraiser