what i wore ~ vol.63...

I had every intention of posting this yesterday but by the time Jerry and I got home for the Youth Ministry kick-off at church, Miss Courtney started having cluster seizures aaaannnnndddd the rest of the night was gone. We gave her her rescue meds and she finally stopped around midnight. This morning she is still sleeping even though she has been fed twice by g-tube and had her diaper changed. Those meds just knock my girl out. But at least they stopped the seizures this time. Thank goodness for that.

So let's talk a little fashion shall we. It was hot yesterday. Not as hot as it had been earlier in the week but this chica was not going to be wearing anything heavy or binding. Say no to Spanx and pantyhose for the day. I had picked up a few pounds in the last few weeks but was able to get them back off again with a little stress management. The cropped pants I chose are from Talbots and they were a gift. I love plaid of any kind and these remind me of Doris Day in the 50's.

Who doesn't love pink and navy together?? I lurve this color combo. Lurve it so much!! I paired the pants with a brand new pair to me navy blue paten bow flats that were a "hand me over" from a friend who also wears a behemoth size ten shoe. They are a new fave in my closet. Since blue in my favorite color, I will not be lacking in things to wear with them. 

I have a very long waist, so most tops are not long enough for me. I usually wear a "tunic top" like a regular one. I found this tank on sale somewhere. I cannot remember and I cut out the tag because it was annoying me. I love it because it is a long tank top that covers a majority of my lumpy bumpys. I need all the help I can get. The sweater is from Macy's Charter Club bought at the end of season for an obscene 75% off. Gotta love end of season sales and friends who give you shoes they don't like. That would describe 60% of my wardrobe. Ha!

Anyway, the accessories are a mix of oldies and two new pieces sent to me by a few sweet blog readers. The necklace I have had for some time. It's from one of those accessory booths at the mall. Have idea which one, I just loved the soft shades of pink and lavender it featured. The two bracelets are new. The colorful clay beads are from a friend in Arkansas who sent a little gift certificate to use on something "pretty". I loved these so pretty clay bead bracelet for the win. The silver rope bracelet is from the lovely Grace and Rachel. It's a St. Benedict medal with the "lasso" of Our Lady wrapped around. 

Little did they know when they sent it to me, how special Benedict and Scholastica (the Holy Twins) are in our home. We have adopted the "Work and Pray" Benedictine model years ago when we homeschooled Jonathan. He chose St. Benedict and St. Scholastica to be our schools patrons because they were siblings. He wanted something that represented both he and Courtney. Courtney's Confirmation saint is St. Scholastica who is one of the patrons of those who have seizures. 

Thank you sweet friends for sending the love this past week. It has been fraught with many ups and downs. I have no idea what the coming days will bring, but I do know this. I promise to get dressed everyday and greet whatever comes with as much grace and dignity as I can. I promise to love my Courtney will all I have and to make sure her Papa and Big Brother feel that love as well.

So we are jumping on to the coming week with arms held high and feet leaping for joy. That's all I can do.  

God's got the rest!

PS. Jerry has been on several interviews but nothing yet on the job front. His last day is Sept 19 unless he finds another spot within the company. Please pray with us and ask St. Joseph's intercession on Jerry's behalf. 

PSS. With his impending lay-off and the fact that Miss Courtney has been hospitalized four times in the last four weeks, we have the PayPal button open as well as the GoFundME to assist in paying those bills. So far the total is around $5000 in what we will need to pay. That's with just two of the hospital visits. There are two more sets of bills coming. Thanks for your kindness!!

PSSS. Jesus We Trust In YOU!!

**way's to help with Courtney's medical costs/daily care expenses**

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