not even a pot to pee in...literally...

Yes, my has been that kind of day. 

As of right now I literally do not even have a pot to pee in. This morning while taking a shower upstairs the downstairs bath tub and cammode began to back up. This happens from time to time in a 1969 Cape Cod such as ours and it usually means we have a little back up in the main sewer line in the front of the house that requires a snake and some Drano. 

Oh how I wish that was the case today. Not only are we buying a casket for our daughter this week and paying off the funeral home bill as well as going through the liturgy for  our daughters Mass, all while taking care of Miss Courtney's daily needs NOW we will be replacing/repairing the main sewage line in front of our home. 

Oh yes my friends, you read that right. After getting out the BIG guns to the tune of $586, the plumber dude tried four different times and all he came up with was small chunks of mud and concrete, which lead him to make the conclusion that the line has collapsed. Such a repair/replacement runs from $8-10K...yes that is THOUSANDS of dollars. The video guy comes tomorrow (to the tune of another $500) to verify and take measurements as to where everything is so we can begin the repairs. 

Y'all I am so not freaking kidding when I tell you that I sat on my living room floor and cried as my Mother held my head in her lap like she used to when I was little. I am so done here. So freakin done!! 

Not only do we NOT have that kind of money, but we can't flush more than three times a day, shower longer than five minutes TOTAL (for three adults) run the dishwasher or do any laundry until this is fixed. That's really gonna make this whole hospice/my daughter's dying thing ever so much easier don't you think?? 

Seriously, at this point Job ain't got nothin on the Lenaburg's. It's looking more likely by the day that Jerry will be laid off on Oct.24 which just makes ALL of this ever more ridiculously awful!! What is the Good Lord thinkin??

I am wrung out. I can't sleep. My girl get's more uncomfortable every day. My husbands blood pressure is through the roof!! There is NOT enough chocolate or ice cream in the UNIVERSE to make this better. 

So invoking St. Rita of Corsica and St. Jude Thaddeus, both patrons of impossible causes, we are going to trust the Lord at HIS WORD! He said He would provide WHAT we needed WHEN we needed it. 

I got nothing else...just me, my husband, my son, my daughter and my faith that God will make this ALL OK. 

Like now would be good Lord. When your Mother has to leave so she can go poo at the McDonald's you really know things are out of control and the locusts and frogs are coming next. 


St Rita...Pray for Us

St. Jude Thaddeus...Pray for Us.  

PS. Not to worry my frugal friends, a second and third opinion will be sought as well so we get the best price. I need my plumbing back like yesterday!!

If you feel called to help us have a pot to pee in, consider pressing one of these buttons for the  

ALL funds raised will go to fixing the plumbing until the cost is covered. If anything more is raised it will go directly to pay off medical debt or help defray funeral costs.  

We Love the Lenaburgs - Team Courtney Fundraiser


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