an answer to prayer...

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Sending praise to God the Father above for our news today. 

Jerry's job has been extended, once more, until Jan. 9, 2015. This is unheard of at his company and speaks to Jerry's character and work ethic. I am beyond relieved. Thank you Jesus!

I know it's only another five weeks but it feels like forever to me. With all that is happening with Courtney, to know there will be a paycheck and medical insurance for a little while longer is a HUGE deal. 

We continue to be extremely frugal with our resources so that we are able to withstand a few months without any source of income if that comes to pass. We thank each of you for your financial help and support to not only take care for our Courtney but help retire some of her medical debt. We are so incredibly grateful to be surrounded by so much love and support. 

Miss Courtney is now 68 pounds and I expect her weight to continue to decline in the coming weeks. Please say a special prayer for her as she deals with these new seizures that are really hard for her to breathe through. God has her in His arms. I know this and am not afraid. I just don't want her in pain. 

Keep praying my friends and storming heaven for a permanent position for him. Our St. Andrews Novena will carry this one intention this year, a permanent position for Jerry. 

Thank you for being there to pray and support us.

Blessings and Grace to you all.