quarter century...holy moly my kid is that old...

Today my son Jonathan turns 25. Yes...I had him when I was eight. Just kidding! I was a very young 22 year old clueless Mama married to a 25 year old clueless Papa and together we began our family. Trust me when I say there has never been a dull moment. 

Today my husband will take over the writing duties here in this space with a little wisdom for our boy. I hope you enjoy. 

Jonathan Douglas Lenaburg...Happy 25th Birthday!!  I love you more than coffee and chocolate...combined. I am honored to be your Mama. 



Good morning Son!

Yup, rise and shine...today you are 25...yup, the big TWO FIVE...a quarter century.

Wow...that makes me...well wise beyond all knowing, of course.  And still able to sing Gangam Style...but only when it can cause maximum embarrassment..some things never change.

It seems just yesterday we are playing Darkwing Duck, Spiderman, and Mario Cart....by the way, why did I always have to be the villian?  Seems kind of unfair....just sayin'..and no I never lost on purpose in Mario Cart..your mother says I really do drive that bad.   I said I just need another kuppa shell to clear the beltway traffic...wouldn't that be awesome?

So...as you enter your second quarter century of life...here are some sage words of wisdom:

1)  Should you ever get married, always make sure the toilet paper roll is loaded...otherwise it can get really unpleasant really fast
2)  YES, should you get married, you will forever get yelled at about the toilet seat...one of life's mysteries.
3)  Always try and see the world with a sense of humor...after all there are a lot of crazy people doing stupid things in life...and...they make great internet memes in your head....but keep them there.
4) Always learn something new.  It may seem silly, but learning new things keeps you young...except learning to juggle chainsaws...that will not keep you young...but may turn you into an internet meme.
5)  Sadly, if you work for a company bigger than 10 people...there will be a need to do crazy things because of "company policy" and you will sometimes work for a manager that you think is dumb as a box of rocks.  Just remember that someday if you are the manager, you are also the box of rocks.
6)  Somedays, going to work just sucks.  Poverty sucks more.
7)  Try and read a good book every once in a while.  You might be surprise by what you learn.  I, for one, never knew you could put bacon in desserts until I read an awesome bacon cookbook...not that cookbooks make great literature, but they do have the best food porn pictures.
8)  Be kind to everyone...seriously, even when you want to "FALCON PUNCH" some idiot, try and resist.  Remember other people have bad days too.  Your mother tells this to me often...and she's right...but I may still falcon punch them in my head.
9)   Remember to make sure your belt and shoes match...this may not apply to sandles, flip-flops or sneakers, but someday...hopefully soon...when you get a real job :)....you will need to make sure of this.  
10)  Remember life is an adventure..kinda like the beginning of Indiana Jones where he is running away from the headhunters with blowguns...hopefully you will have friends with airplanes ready to help you....friends without pet snakes.

Finally, always remember that you Mom, sister and I love you and are proud of you...Happy Birthday.

Now, go take out the trash please.