very tired and very thankful...

Oh my heart the last 24 hours have been challenging. However, we have survived it and that my friends is only because of the good Lord above and His constant shower of grace. 

Grace to deal with my sweet husband who fought a 103 fever that accompanied vomiting and other bodily yuckiness. Oh when men get sick, they really do it up right. So off to bed he went with his loving wife checking on him every three hours. 

Grace to handle the challenges presented by the beautiful Princess Courtney whose weight is hovering at 69 pounds now and has zero immune system. I kept the two separated as best I could. Miss Court was NOT happy with that since time with her Papa is part of her evening routine. Courtney, like her father, is not a fan of change. Not a fan at all. So she was very restless last night and it took me a very long time to get her to sleep. Like one in the morning long time. 

My Mom was scheduled to come and help today. I warned her not to due to the illness in the house but she told me to stop worrying so much and came anyway. Thank God she did. We were able to get ALL the laundry done, defrost the inside fridge/freezer and it allowed me to pick up out turkey and sides from Whole Foods. 

I am proud to say that I survived that particularly challenging experience. Note to self: avoid all grocery stores the week of Thanksgiving. You will be ever so happy you did. OY many many bad attitudes...wowza. 

Between Jerry and Courtney, I was stretched very thin and I will admit that I am really feeling it. Jerry's fever is less but still present. I have been giving him a little bone broth to help him keep his strength up. The Doc said this could take three to five days to run it's course.  

He is however, well enough to start giving me instructions on how to reheat everything for Thanksgiving. I told him to hold his horses or he might be the one stuffed and roasted by Thursday. Unfortunately for Miss Courtney, she is now running a fever as well. Oh yippee. Just what I needed. To deal with that intestinal nightmare. So we will wait and watch to see where things go with her. 

No Thanksgiving feast until all stomach viruses are gone from our home. Prayers appreciated...always.

As for me, I am tired but taking my elderberry syrup faithfully and hitting mega doses of Vitamin C. Jonathan is doing the same thing. I will sleep when Miss Courtney does. Trying to do so while she is awake in her bed is a lost cause for me. I listen to her hum and I can't sleep. So when she sleeps, I shall sleep or at least try. 

When I woke up this morning and my email box had exploded. I had more than 100 readers asking for Jerry and myself to also make a Christmas List on Amazon or elsewhere. Really? We really don't need anything but every time I said that, the answer was do it anyway.

OKeedokee dear speak, I listen. We put it together this afternoon. The link is down below. Saying thank you feels like too little, but thank you, so much for even thinking about this, let alone acting on it. 

For those that are love bombing my son, you are so very kind. I will be wrapping each gift without letting him see them so that he can be blown away on Christmas morning. I am so very excited for him. He is such a gift to us and to Courtney. I am so happy he will get to feel those love bombs like his sister did.

If you want Jerry and I to be surprised then you might want to consider the "gift wrapping option". 

They say what does not kill you makes you stronger. We will see about that. This week has been a real test. So we will do our best to push through.  

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