week in my life + what i wore ~ vol 66. ~ a few sundays...

As I get back into the groove here in this space, I need to catch up with What I Wore. It's been a few Sunday's since I have shared my outfits. Here are the last three Sunday's of What I Wore to Mass. I am also going to count this as my Monday post for Team Whitaker "A Week In My Life 2014". I will post about the everyday happenings of my life (snore) for the week. Honest and true. I know, you are waiting with bated breath. 

First up is a fabulously comfortable black and grey striped sheath dress from Taylor. Sheath dresses can be tricky with a cake pop body type like mine but this particular one had two things going for me. It had a bust dart and the fabric was one big optical illusion. So instead of a potato sack effect, it actually looks pretty good. 

I paired it with blue accessories for a little change. The earrings are from +BaubleBar . I was given a gift certificate for my birthday and have been waiting for a wicked sale to score a few statement pieces. This pair was one I found. They are a bit heavy but I love the sparkle. 

I also added a necklace that I found on a two for one sale at Lane Bryant. Anytime I find a piece of costume jelwery for less that $20and it won't turn my neck green, that's a score my friends. Then black tights and my black boots. 

The next week was windy and very cold. You can tell because I wore a turtleneck sweater from Lands End. For this menopausal woman to wear a turtleneck of any kind, it must be below 50 degrees. I paired the sweater with a sweater skirt, also from Lands End (last season), patterned tights from Lane Bryant and felted grey wool wedges that I have had for several seasons now. 

The two new pieces I have are the statement necklace (gifted) and the fabulous wool plaid bag from Talbots. The wonderful thing about gift cards given for my birthday is that I get to hold onto them until I see something that I absolutely LURVE. In case you missed it, I love anything plaid. Anything plaid. Then the bag went on sale AND I had a store credit plus the gift card so hello sista...come home to Mama. 

When I first got dressed, I didn't have the belt on. I looked like a little like a grey ghost wearing her mothers art smock. The belt helped take care of that. At least I hope so. If not, it was a week ago and I have already forgotten this fashion mistake. 

Moving on to this week. This emerald green sheath dress from ElizaJ was a breath of color in my otherwise drab and sad black and grey existence of late. It had been hanging in my closet for a while so it was time to bring it out into the light. The bib statement necklace is from Charming Charlie of course as our my earrings. 

The shoes I found on sale at Macy's several months ago and new they were coming home with me given how much blue in in my wardrobe. They have a nice cushion heal as well. I can't remember the brand right now but they were less than $30 on sale. I love a good t-strap. The navy tights came from Lane Bryant. They are the only ones that fit my extra fluffiness well. 

So there you have it. Things here are moving along. Miss Courtney is hanging in there at a whopping 72 pounds and is happy and singing most days. I will take that my friends. The seizures still come and she fights hard to breathe through them. One day at a time, one challenge at a time. 

Can't wait to see you all tomorrow. Check back in for "A Week In the Life"...it's gonna rock. 


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