#weekinthelife2014 ~ friday musings...

Sorry about the "no post" yesterday. My Mom was here to help me and she kicked Jerry and I out for a quick dinner date. It was lovely. Unfortunately, while we were gone Miss courtney gave my Mom a run for her money with seizures. I felt so bad for both of them when we got home. 

By the time Jerry and I got her settled down and snuggled in bed, my brain had nothing left to give. Bring on the Cranberry Gelato and an episode of "The Arrow" and then off to bed for me. 

This morning my girl woke up smiling. YES! Thank you Lord. 

Today was really, really cold. Not winter cold but definitely  coat weather. I was itching to get a little Vitamin D this morning so while Miss Courtney was snoozing away and Jonathan was unloading the dishwasher, I ran out for a little red cup of love. Yes, there was coffee in the kitchen but I just needed to breathe a little fresh air for 15 minutes. So worth it. 

My friend Sandy came by later to "fix" my hair. I had gotten it cut (as you know) and after 36 hours I was desperate for a fix. The sides were driving me nutso. So we chopped them off and called it good. I am getting used to it. I was going through some old photos and laughed out loud when I saw this gem.

Hello 1993, what's old is new again. At least I have more hair than Miss Courtney. Anyway, I wanted a change and I got one. A little hairdo time travel. Yeah! 

Later this afternoon, Jerry had an interview. He felt it went very well. He hopes to hear something next week. Please God we need a break here. We shall see. Keep those prayers coming. 

After he got home we bathed Miss Courtney and once she was all wrapped in clean jams, happy with Papa, I headed over to the Northern VA Holiday Craft Show. To be surrounded by all things snowmen and Santa for an hour was just what my Friday needed. There was Christmas music playing and I sipped hot chocolate while browsing. 

There were so many beautiful things. I resisted spending a mortgage payment on all things Christmasy. I did purchase a few handmade ornaments that caught my eye, but mostly restrained myself. 

Tonights been pretty quiet. Miss Courtney had a whopper of a grand-mal seizure before bedtime. They just wipe her out. As I write this she is sound asleep holding her favorite stuffed puppy big brother got her for her 14th birthday. I love watching her sleep. She is so peaceful when she sleeps. 

I am heading to bed early tonight. Just feeling the need for a few extra minutes of shut eye. So stay warm wherever you are. It's days like today I dream of having a fire place. Sigh. Maybe one day. 

until tomorrow, 

"We humbly thank you for any help paying off Courtney's extensive medical bills 
and taking care of the cost of the remainder of her final arrangements**
We Love the Lenaburgs - Team Courtney Fundraiser


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