#weekinthelife2014 ~ hump day...

It's Wednesday or as my hubby likes to say every week in the loudest tenor he can "What day is it? It's HUMP DAYYYY!!" 

Oy Vey. Make it stop. Pretty, pretty please. 

Yes, there is still laundry in my living room. Your welcome. 

Anyhoo, I got to run out early this morning before #1 son headed off to work and while Miss Courtney was still snoring loudly. We needed TP, milk and eggs. No, not because there may be snow flurries tomorrow but because we like to eat and have clean bums.

Speaking of the PolarVortex Apocalypse...seriously people...it does get cold here in the Mid-Atlantic. It's even been known to snow from time to time. Why do y'all get so darn excited??

I have spent all but seven of my forty-seven years here in the MD/VA area and this whole "oh my gosh we are all going to die if it snows thing" is kind of old. Look at the calendar...'Tis the season people. Get over yourselves and move out of my way. You are blocking me from the TP!!

So now that I have ranted let's move through my exciting day one thrilling moment at a time shall we?? 

While I was out at Target, I picked up a cute snowman kitchen rug that made me smile. It's also washable so bonus for those times when I make a mess while cooking or baking, which is pretty much every time. I also picked up some winter squash already cut and prepped ('cause we be lazy on hump day) that I am making into soup for le dinner tonight. 

Then there were the two poster prints I ordered for Courtney's wake/repast. This has been the hardest part of preparing for Miss Courtney's passing. Going through ALL those photos and trying to choose some that really show her personality. 

I am taking my time with this, since Miss Courtney has stabilized for now. It is bittersweet to say the least. To lift my spirits, I picked up the first treats of the season, handmade peppermint candy canes. So happy...

As you know, I got my hairs cut yesterday and eh...I was feeling so so about it. This morning I am feeling much better. I have decided to wear it behind the ear. I felt so much better with is this way. When and if I want that page boy look, I will just pull it forward.

I bought a lovely avocado knowing that I wanted to make something really healthy for lunch. So I made one of my favs. This sammie had two slices of Ezekiel Bread spread with hummus, fresh spinach, tomato, two slices of turkey and avacado. It is do very, very delish. I enjoyed every single bite. 

I have been playing with pattern mixing a little bit in my daily wardrobe. Today I wore my black/white fancy sweats (totally not sweats but I don't know what to call them) with my buffalo check flats that I was gifted with. So cute and perfect for the in and out store dashing I was doing. 

Now a little update on two of my favorite people on the planet. Jerry has another interview on Friday. He has been working on all kinds of different projects at work and is still guaranteed employed until December 1, 2014. We continue to pray for the intersession of St. Joseph and St. Jude on our behalf to provide something permanent for our family or at least long term. 

We just got the next round of hospital bills from the second to last stay Miss Courtney had at Georgetown back in August. I laughed when they arrived. I told Jerry that it actually felt good to get them. It meant Miss Courtney was still with us. He didn't seem to think it was that funny. Oh well. We pay on them as we can. 

Miss Courtney's weight continues to be stable at 72 pounds. It's been there for almost 14 days now. This is classic Miss C. She stabilizes for a bit then takes a nose dive. I appreciate the rest before the next nose dive. I truly do. 

Finally a little photographic proof that Miss Courtney and I have snuggled every night in our jammies for her whole life. Here we are in 1997. Oh how happy this photo makes me. She was five. 

until tomorrow, 

"We humbly thank you for any help paying off Courtney's extensive medical bills 
and taking care of the cost of the remainder of her final arrangements**
We Love the Lenaburgs - Team Courtney Fundraiser


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