66.2 pounds...

My heart tells me (and the doctors as well) that our time together is growing shorter. Miss Courtney is now 66.2 pounds and falling. Her poor heart and lungs are beginning to strain. Her tummy too. 

Only God knows the time of her heaven homecoming for certain but sometimes He allows Our Lady to whisper into a Mothers heart to help prepare her. 

I feel so very close to Mother Mary right now. She walks this road with me. She has provided such peace of heart for me. 
This time with Courtney is such a gift. 

My heart overflows with the blessing of it, 


Mary and Jerry's Christmas Wish List

Jonathan's Wish List for Christmas

Tuition Assistance for Jonathan
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 **We humbly thank you for any help paying off Courtney's extensive medical bills 
             and taking care of the cost of the remainder of her final arrangements**
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