broken hearted but surviving...

Today was a hard day. I am still healing from the Black Plague of Lung Death. Thank you Jesus for the inspiration that lead to the creation of Vicadin laced cough syrup.

This week is a busy one for me. Monday we have company for lunch (yay) and then Jerry has a job interview that afternoon. Woot! Woot! Please say a prayer for my guy. He was put on a short term contract last week so he is employed until February 27. It's driving us both a little cray cray but at least he is employed. 

Tuesday I am off to visit Courtney's former classmates at Kilmer Center, delivering lots of equipment and diapers from Miss Courtney.Then I have a sewing class that evening. 

Distractions are good these days. 

While Jerry and I were in Mass this morning, he had a "moment" while singing "Precious Lord". This is what happens. Everything thing is fine then whammo we are hit by a smell or song or someone hangs on to a hug just a little too long and the tears flow. 

So I held his hand, he composed himself and we went on with the day, making sure there were lots of hugs between us. This grieving thing is just wicked tough. I have learned one important lesson though. 

Mary's one rule for dealing with grieving people ...ready...

If the person who has lost a loved one is NOT crying (thereby sucking up every emotion they have to try and keep themselves together) then take your cue from them, suck it up buttercup and DON'T cry!! If they are crying, then let the river flow.

There I said it. No, I am not taking it back. I feel better. Look for my next book to be titled "You totally didn't just say that to me as my daughter lies in her casket"...yeah...

This evening we were going through the photos from the wake and funeral that our friends Susie and Claire took for us. It was a beautiful moment and a hard one too. To see so much love poured out for our daughter made us cry. SO wonderful to see all those precious faces. There were eight priests on that alter to celebrate Mass. Amazing. Just amazing. 

So here you go my friends. More love for our girl. Thank you for continuing to pray for us as we figure out what daily life looks life for us. 

Courtney Elizabeth -HD (720p) from Mary Lenaburg on Vimeo.

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