7 SQT...can you handle it???

Three blog posts in three days. Can you handle it??? I mean that's a whole lot of Passionate Perseverance to handle but I know y'all got the chops so let's just dive in shall we.

I cannot remember the last time I participated in 7 Quick Takes but I thought I would give it a whirl this cool foggy spring morning here in NoVa. 

Can I just say how much I am looking forward to sunshine. I need it badly. 

OK enough about the weather let's talk life shall we???


The power struggle among pre-schoolers is real my friends. I am watching too little girls, two days a week now. One is 3.5 and the other a newly minted 4. They are a hoot, but those .5 years in age difference are HUGE. 

For example:
#1 - "I am 4. I'm older and I know so much more 'cause I was borned first."
#2 - "Well, I go potty all by myself. (stomp foot with hands on hips)"

Yes indeedy, these are important things to establish oneself in the grown up world. How could I have forgotten this in the 23 years since I had pre-schooler in the house?? 

The other thing I had forgotten about were the endless "knock-knock" jokes. Lordy my. There.are.so.many. 


This...this is my husband's sense of humor. 

Yes, I am that lucky. 


He also loves dogs. Really loves dogs and has begun the full court press for us to get a puppy. I am so not ready for that commitment right now. Dog sitting is my speed at the moment. Puppies will come later. Maybe. 


Today is a special day in our house. Today, April 10 we honor St Rebecca Irene, one of God's special little saints. Today she would have turned one. She went home to Jesus when she was a few days old. Miss Beth has been an on-line friend for several years and we have shared much over emails and through snail mail. St. Rebecca and St Courtney are now running around in Heaven helping Jesus with all there is to do to assist those of us left here on earth. One day, we Mama's will be reunited with our girls. That day will be glorious indeed. 

Send up a prayer for Miss Beth and her family today won't you? Also, do something kid and wonderful in St. Irene's name. Let's spread a little love around in her name.  

Is there anything more lovely than a china teacup. I think not. 


Back to those 3.5 - 4 year old jokes. Here's a good one for you.

Why kind of cheese is not yours?
Nacho cheese!!

What did the dog say to the tree?

Yes, my brain may start bleeding...


Coffee...I need more coffee...it's how I roll...

PS... Please keep Fulton in your prayers. Hopefully he and Kelly are heading home from CHOP today. Prayer moves mountains people. It truly does.