four months since she opened her eyes to see Jesus...

April 2014

Today is the 4month anniversary of our sweet Courtney's Heaven Homecoming. She closed her eyes here on earth and opened them to see the face of her Beloved Jesus. 

Just one year ago, last April,  she was battling a nasty GI virus that was causing all kinds of trouble. We were in and out of Doctors offices for days. So many tests, so much poking and prodding trying to find the right balance of meds to help her.  

April 2014

To know that she is whole, healed and will never again feel pain or be scared makes my mothers heart hurt a little less today. 

I miss her so much but I know that she is free and doing exactly what God intended for her. 

those I miss those curls...

Run, dance and sing sweet girl. 

Know that Mama, Daddy and Jonathan love and miss you so much but we know we will be together again God willing. 

St Courtney Elizabeth Pray for Us!  ‪


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