talk to me...

Let's talk for a minute, shall we? 

I find myself in a whole new world without my Courtney. My day was once filled with caregiving and homemaking 24/7 with a little writing/blogging/vlogging thrown in for some sanity and spice. 

Now that my Courtney is dancing in heaven, Mama is finding life to be very different on a daily basis. I am struggling with a direction both in my writing, blogging, and daily living. 

The homemaking is coming along. I know I need to re-engage with my inner homemaker to create a peace filled joyful home that my husband and son deserve. There is purging and re-organizing, re-purposing and re-decorating using what we already have being done, very slowly, as I have energy to do it. 

Where I find myself at a loss, is with this space. I know that it will change as I do. What will that change look like? 

I haven't a clue. 

What say you my good readers? What do you love/hate about this space? What topics make you come back time and again? What do you want to read or be inspired by? 

Talk to me...pretty, pretty please??

leave a comment and be my friend forever...

Movie on 2015-04-28 at 16.19 #2 from Mary Lenaburg on Vimeo.