let the fire fall...{p,h,f,r} 2015...vol. 2

This past week has been a whirlwind of activity. So much to share and write about. I promise to get to it all in the coming days. 

Pinky swear promise, cross my heart. 

For now, I'll talk about a Confirmation and the joy of holding babies. Oh how I love the babies. 


Tori chose St. Bibianna. Fascinating story. 
First up, a Confirmation. I have had the honor of knowing and loving this sweet beautiful girl since she was born. Miss Tori was confirmed last night. It was such a wonderful evening being surrounded by so many people we love, while watching this young woman stand up for herself in the church, renewing the promises her parents made on her behalf at baptism. 

lemony delightfulness...
There were also very pretty cupcakes. Miss Tori is a lemon freak, so I made sure these homemade delights, met her standards. I promise to share the recipe next week. 


Babies make me happy. 

They are just such miracles and so squishy and sweet and wonderful. Our friends, Brian and Courtney had a new son, Brian Francis, five weeks ago and yesterday was the first time I got to see/hold him. 


What a delight! I also got to spend some extra special time with his big sister, Miss Ellie. She has got the big sis thing down. So fun to listen to her tell me all about her little brother. 

I also had the privilege of being with my friend Caroline as she had baby #7, her first home birth. I was her doula in the hospital with the last three, then she moved out to farmville. So when I got the text that she was in labor, I left a lunch, and raced out as fast as I could. I even got pulled over and was given a warning for my "speediness". Yikes!

When I arrived, Matthias was 15 minutes old. I missed it!! Caroline was in labor a total of one hour then whammo, baby arrives. Thank goodness her midwife team was already there doing their weekly check-in when she went into labor. 

He is one handsome young man weighing in at the farmer boy weight of 9 pounds and 22 inches long. He will be driving the tractor before you know it. It was such an honor to be there, to help Mama right after and then to hold Matthias for some sweet snuggles. 


We tend to have a little fun when taking photos at events. I mean, life is as fun as you make it. 

We do fun well, as do our friends. 

short deacons...it's how we grow them in Virginia...


Five months. 

It's been five months since our girl went home. 

God granted us such a gift yesterday, by surrounding us with life and love. 

Just like Courtney did for twenty-two years. The days are getting a bit easier, but when the grief comes, it's deep and wipes me out. I suppose when you love so deeply, you have to expect that you will grieve that loss with as much intensity. 

God is good, ALL the time. I am and will always be blessed to be her Mama. 


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