monday in may...

This past weekend was a very busy one. Lots of comings and goings as well as some fabulous surprises. I promise more details as the week goes on. So much in my brain to process and find words for. I hope it will be worth the wait. 

It's 80 degrees at the moment and headed for a high of 85. Apparently Mother Nature feels like it's June already. It's only May people!! This hot natured gal is not ready for spring to bale on me. Come on 70 degrees...Come to Mama. 

This morning my two little charges arrived and we headed outside to soak in the sweet breeze. Miss Emma found some lovely little yellow flowers in the front yard. 

She was very happy to share.

I love these sweet little moments of wonder and delight. It's what makes childhood a special. The "weed" bouquets and the mud cakes, I love it all. 

As we went though the morning I asked the girls what they wanted like for lunch. PB&J is always a favorite in these parts. To my horror, I ran out of peanut butter AND jelly (thankfully after I made their two sandwiches). I have never in 25 years of motherhood run out of PB&J or tuna fish for that matter. I always keep extras in the pantry. 

Today I have neither.

The Zombie Apocalypse must be upon us. 

Have a great day friends. See you tomorrow with more to share.