answer me this...vol.2

vol. 2
Father's Day Edition

1976...Rockvill, MD

What's the best thing about your dad?
There are a few things I absolutely loved about my Dad. My Dad was always willing to play. He would spend hours in the back yard on a summer evening playing baseball or soccer in the back yard with the eight of us kids. For years we had no grass only the the marked path of the bases, having run them for years. Home base was always the lilac bush. Every time I smell lilac's I am right back in that moment. He would be the first one out the door with the sled on a snow day. He never missed a game we played in grade school or high school. His voice would BOOM across the field giving instruction. 

Me and Daddy square dancing...1981...Rockville Days
He was always the first on the dance floor and one of the last to leave. He had his faults. Big ones too. He was a functional alcoholic until I was nineteen. It wasn't always easy and he was by no means perfect, but in the end, I know he did his best given his own upbringing and his personal demons. Once he made the decision to be sober, he changed his life and ours. 

Now that he is home with God, I not only miss his physical presence but also they way he looked at life. He LIVED it. He jumped into whatever was happening with a passion and ran with it. Sometimes into a brick wall or a burning building, leaving behind some bruises and scars. Then there were the times everything worked in his favor and life was just grand. 

1968...Bethesda, MD
The point is, he wasn't afraid to take chances and risk his pride to try something new. He wasn't afraid to work and work hard, sometimes having more than one job, to provide for his large family. 

Summer 1984 - I think - Shrine of St. Jude Parish Directory photo - Rockville, MD
I want to be like him when I grow up. He showed me that weakness and failure do not define a life. They make you stronger when you turn them over to God and allow Him to heal and rebuild. Love defines you. It allows you to be free and unafraid to risk it all. One day Dad, I'll get there, just like you taught me to. 

If you've got kids, what's the best thing about THEIR dad? 

2012 - Courtney and her Papa - one of my all time favorite
photos of them together. 
His strength and commitment to his family. To stay the course no matter the outcome. He is the most honorable man I have ever known, next to my own Daddy. 

Daddy and Courtney - Georgetown - 2012
This has been a difficult year for us, losing Courtney almost six months ago. This will be Jerry's first Father's Day without her. I think the BEST thing about Jerry as a Dad is his commitment to his family. No matter what, come hell or high water, boy scout camp or hospital visit, he was there. 

Boy Scout Camp - 2002
Now things look different and feel different in our family. Courtney is home with the Lord and Jonathan needs his Dad more than ever as they grieve the loss of their favorite blonde. They are so similar these two men of mine, and yet so alike. I love them both so much. I can't wait to see my Jman as a Dad one day, if God so wills it. 

2011 - Fredericksburg, VA

What's the best advice your dad ever gave you?
His advice was so good, that I based this blog on it. 

It's in my header...

"Never quit. Never give up. Never lose your faith! IT'S THE ONE REASON YOU WALK THIS EARTH. For God chose this time and place just for you. So make the most of it." 

August 6, 1988 - My parents and I on my wedding day.
What's something you have in common with your dad? This made me laugh. If you only knew. 

I look like my dad. I have no neck, rosacea, a laugh like a hyena, a BOLD personality, tell a pretty decent story and always jump before I know how I am going to land.

I sound like my dad. I laugh like my dad. I am loud like my dad. My mom says, of all eight of her children, I am most like my dad. I am honored to be so.  

What's the manliest thing you know how to do?
Before I was married my father made sure I could change the oil and a flat tire on the car. Both of those things have come in very handy in the last twenty-seven years of marriage. 

Who is your favorite fictional dad?
I had to think about this one. I think Tom Selleck's character on Blue Bloods, Frank Reagan. He's Irish, Catholic, has Sunday supper with his family each week, he's strong in his belief's and unwavering even in the face of great pressure. He just reminds me of my Dad. And he's Tom Selleck. What's not to like?  

Happy Father's Day! 


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