Nuns, machetes and teenagers

Greetings Passionate Perseverance Readers,

It is I, your friendly guest blogger...the husband...or as Mary might say:

Mary wanted me to send everyone an update and request for prayers as she reaches HUMP DAY for Youth Group Work Camp/Retreat Week in Steubenville, Ohio.

Yes, you heard that order to work off some of those purgatory points from her honey-bear is currently spending the week with 40+ teenagers, 9 adults and...yes nuns.

Personally, I would rather fend off a horde of rabid beavers with a spoon than spend a week with teenagers in the woods, but she has a knack for it.

AND, yes, yesterday was spent working at the local convent with the nuns clearing brush and yard growth...with machetes...and yes, apparently nuns do wear combat boots when working in the woods...I bet some of you Catholic School graduates were wondering.  

If the thought of a nun with a machete terrifies you...just think about my lovely bride after a night without air conditioning using a machete..seriously--ISIS would stand no chance.

However, many graces are being granted and since everyone still has the appropriate numbers of fingers, toes, and limbs, I assume the yard work at the nunnery went well.

Mary did want to particularly ask for prayers for the team and the teens, there are a lot of things these kids are challenged to overcome that  are quite unimaginable to an old goat such as myself.  

Seems kids these days have a lot of things to deal with that we never even thought of..apparently being a teenager is more difficult in 2015 as it was in 1983..although we had better music and mullets back then...hmmmn, not sure mullets were an improvement...but our music was clearly WAY better...can I get an AMEN?

After a couple more days of service projects...I can't wait to hear how my honey fared putting up dry wall, they begin an actual retreat this weekend with HUNDREDS of teenagers on the campus of Franciscan University.  

Yup, hundreds of teenagers, talks, praise and worship and a Mass or two...just the thing to make up for all that time spent in the Principal's office at St Judes...OOOPS, did I say that out loud sweetheart?

Don't worry, I'm sure your blog readers will NEVER ask about the toothpaste story......

Keep praying y'all...God's work is being done...

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