what i wore...containing the fluffy parts...



You guys are so sweet. The comments on last weekend's What I Wore were kind of awesome. Apparently I am not the only person in the universe with this body type. Phew!! I thought I was in my own little universe. Glad to see there are many of you also traveling on the crazy train to making peace with your size no matter what the numbers say. 

This weeks entry is all about embracing the fluff. No not the marshmallow fluff, which, if you toast a slice of bread (whole grain to ease the guilt of course) and then add some peanut butter, marshmallow fluff and sprinkle on some chocolate chips...sweet Mama. NIRVANA on toast. 

But I digress. 

This week I wanted to show you a few styles that might help you hide the fluff around your middle or at least wrap it up all purty like. 

First up we have a Ralph Lauren number that appeared in my closet thanks to a friend of mine who was gracious enough to lose fifteen pounds so she could no longer where it. LOVE her! I wore it to the first wedding of the season and let me tell you, wrap style dresses are your friend when you have middle fluff. 


This dress was comfy and great to dance in. I also wore a lovely pair of Spanx because when dancing, you really need to control the movement of said fluff. I mean when I get to groovin on the dance floor, watch out sista, I got me some serious moves...Do the Dougie, do the Dougie...

Spanx are required for everyone's safety. 

Second in line is an A-line from Macy's house brand Style & Co. I have had this hanging in my closet since November just waiting to bust it out in the spring. 


An A-line falls away from the body while maintaining a structure without a lot of frill and fluff. We have enough fluff naturally, no need to add any more with fabric. 

Not the best photo to see the bodice of the dress but notice it's sleeveless. That's right ladies, rock those chicken wings with pride. Those hummers heft your babies and dig your gardens to feed your families. They heft your groceries up three flights of stairs and hold your squiggly toddlers during the longest Mass on the planet. So embrace the sleeveless and walk on.   


Number three is an empire waist dress with a pattern on the bodice that takes the eye up and away from the waist. That same pattern falls away at the hip. It's not a solid band but more soft and feminine, which in turn makes me feel less pumpkin like and more feminine. 

Fourth up is the maxi-dress. I know, I know. Some of you are petite and don't feel comfy in one, some of you are fluffy like me and aren't confident enough to give it a whirl and some of you just don't like that style. 


That's cool but in my experience, given the right drape of the fabric and the color/print of the maxi-dress, this can become a very versatile piece in your wardrobe. I wore this out to dinner the other night and received many compliments. It's a flattering neckline on me as well. At least I think so. 

You notice the chevron stripe comes from the hip to the center of the halfway point of the skirt. Again drawing the eye away from the fluffy middle and lengthening my silhouette. A girl has got to work any angle she can. 

Last we have today's church outfit. It's not my best effort by any means and a combo I will not be repeating. Just keeping it real my friends. No perfection here. 

The problem here, is there are two pieces that have length. Instead of making my torso look more slender (like the maxi-dress above) it makes me look dumpy frumpy. I should have belted it to give a little waist definition and break up the very long line. I also could have chosen a different top, regular length and not tunic length. Again, it would have broken up the line and given the eye a place to rest. 

So what are you wearing this week? Have any questions about what's in your closet? Let's chat in the com box shall we...

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