chh chhh changes....

It has been a cloudy rainy Saturday here in NoVa. I had an appointment early this morning and upon returning home, I decided it was time to make a few changes in our living room. Everything was as it had been for more than two years before Courtney passed away 8.5 months ago. I just couldn't look at it anymore. 

Something had to now. 

I called together my design team, who resembled two grumpy Lenaburg men, whose plans for beer and college football was about to be delayed. 

They asked what the plan was and I gently told them to do exactly as I instructed them and no one would get hurt. When Mama gets the re-decorating bug, no one is safe. Needless to say the next three hours not a peep was heard from them. 

Smart boys they are. 

Since I a really small budget, as in NO budget, as in NO money to spare on new throw pillows or wall art or anything else my heart desired, I shopped my own home. No room was spared. 

The first thing was to move the furniture and TV around and dddeeeeeeepppp clean. Oy vey have I been lax in my homemaking duties since Courtney passed away. Not today though. Today I kicked some Martha Stewart ass. 

The bookcases had to stay where they were since they are bolted into the walls. Everything else was fair game. Once the TV was set, I moved art work, photographs, my Dad's painting and some of Jerry's Navy stuff around on the walls. I even included Courtney's hashtag #lovealwayswins that  Honaker Homemaker sent when she died. 

The sofa went against the window, where it has been before. When our dog Roxie was still alive, she used to love being on the sofa and look out the window. It was her favorite spot in the house. I am all about the good memories these days.

The most important wall in the living room is part of our #littleoratory where we gather for family prayer. It's where we keep our rosaries and my breviary. I brought a number of icons from other rooms and put them up. The center prints of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary was given to us when our Pastor blessed our home ten years ago. 

The icons have been collected over the twenty-seven years Jerry and I have been married. We have St. Bernadette, several of Our Lady, each of our Confirmation saints, St. Nicholas, St Jude and St Monica as well. There is St. Thomas Moore, St Maximilian Kolbe, St. Joseph, The Choir of Angels and one of the Transfiguration. The Feast day happens to coincide with Jerry's and my wedding anniversary.

I placed things on the dresser that meant something to us. The rose heart that was on Courtney's bedside table, where we would put her meds each morning so we wouldn't forget to give them to her. A little easel reminding us to count our blessings. Pictures of our family from almost twenty years ago as well as a commemorative cross from made from the same pine wood as Courtney's cross as well as the script where Dr. John wrote out Courtney's time of death. 

I added photographs of our Courtney with her Godparents and also with her brother and Dad. Everything came from somewhere else in the house. There is the statue of Mary that sat next to Courtney's bed for the last two years of her life, surrounded by a white candle and other little statues that evoke love and joy when I look at them. 

Since I have no decorating budget right now, I simply taped one of my favorite Katie Daisy prints on the wall. I am all about the joy your know. 

I am very happy with the results. It's perfect timing too. Next Saturday, I am hosting a Blessed is She brunch here and now I feel a little bit better about how everything looks. It's not fancy, it's homey and comfortable. I pry it helps the women coming feel welcome and loved. 

So there you have it. One living room re-do done with about three hours in sweat equity and zero dineros. The boys are now happily ensconced on the couch with beers and little bites while OU is getting their butt handed to them by Tennesse. 

It's going to be a long night.   

Happy Decoarting my friends. 

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