miracles and motherhood ~ part two...kleenexes required...

Hello My Friends, 

It's Tuesday which means a new Fountains of Carrots podcast. Yay!!

This week is part two of Miracles and Motherhood

You can hear part one of Miracles and Motherhood here

Today we pick up from last weeks cliffhanger on what "Acceptance" really meant. Then we talk about everything that happened after Lourdes. 

Then we talk about Courtney's last hours with us. You will need kleenexes. You have been warned. 

Know this my friends, God is good ALL the time. He loves you right where you are, who you are, in this moment. YOU ARE ENOUGH! 

You have an awesome intercessor in heaven with my Courntey. So put her to work my friends. She's awesome!

So love and live as best you can. 

Happy Listening, 

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