miracles and motherhood ~ pt. 1...

Today I have the distinct pleasure of speaking with Haley and Christy on this weeks Fountains of Carrots podcast. It's part one of two because I can never tell a story in a short amount of time. LOL!

On todays podcast I relate the story of Courtney's first seizure and our trip to Lourdes in 2000. There is laughter and tears.  What else would you expect? It's how we Lenaburgs do it. Laughter and tears all the way...

Thanks to Haley and Christy for being such gracious hosts. I apologize for getting a few of the details wrong as in:

~ Courtney was nine months old (not seven) when we went to Hopkins to be treated by Dr. John Freeman. 
~ My Grandparents Stuecken came over from Germany  BETWEEN the two World Wars, not during. 
~ Jonathan was ten years old when we went to Lourdes not eleven.
~ that thing with numbers, well it affects how I tell time as well. Holy Moley...France is six hours ahead of the US. So we were there at the grotto at midnight Lourdes time while the rosary was being said at 6 p.m. US time. Sorry. 

Yes, I am old and time blends some details. LOL! Also, I apologize for how loud my mic is. I promise to not sound like I am shouting next time. Oy Vey...so sorry.  

I look forward to sharing the second part of Miracles and Motherhood on next weeks episode (Tuesday, September 22). You will found out what "Acceptance" has come to mean and I will share the story of Courtney's last day on this earth for the first time in public.  

You won't want to miss it. 

Click on the image below to be taken to the podcast home page to listen to Part one of Miracles and Motherhood. 

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