what i wore ~ flat hair, ballet flats and zig zags...

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to CCD, Mass and Youth Ministry we go...

Yep, that's my Sunday for you in a nut shell. It's packed and busy and not nearly as restful as I would like it to be, BUT Jerry and I serve with joy 99% of the time. The other 1%...we don't speak of. LOL!

Anyway, today is a beautiful 70 something degree day. There is breeze coming through the trees and the first leaves are beginning to turn color. My favorite season of the year is upon us and I am one happy girl. 

This weekend I was so honored to host 23 beautiful Christ filled women for my first Blessed is She Brunch on Saturday. The weather was awesome, the food spectacular but the company was off the rails. These women blew me away with their willingness to get down to the nitty-gritty of life and begin to share their hearts as we broke bread together. I took pictures I promise and I look forward to sharing more on the brunch tomorrow. 

Today it's all about flat hair, ballet flats and zig zags. 

I can tell when I am physically tired. My hair is flat, even though I used my Big Sexy Hair mousse. Help me out here ladies, what products do you use to get a little volume in your hair? Mama needs a little inspiration here. 

When my body clock is tipping toward exhaustion, I also tend to wear flats instead of heels. Today I went for comfort, pure and simple. My shoes are Karen Scott and I have had them forever. They have extra padding in the heel and a rubber sole. Not sexy by any means, but my toes were crying out for granny shoes. 

My dress is a simple fit and flare from Jones of New York. The black and pale pink zig zag offer and little fluffy distraction. You know how much I count on that these days.  It's easily accessorized with my JCrew crystal and florescent pink drop earrings. 

SInce I can wear this dress year round, you will see it again I am sure, probably with a sweater or jacket. I know, crazy talk for a menopausal walking hot flash. 

Happy Sunday Y'all. See you back here tomorrow for all the deets on my Blessed is She Brunch. 


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