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Hey Friends, 

Thanks so much for all your love, encouragement and good wishes in regards to Jerry's new job and the new opportunities it opens up for us. Y'all have been there through thick and thin, job ups and downs and everything with our sweet Courtney and we could not appreciate your prayers and love more. You are just the best. 

This morning I chose blue as my starting point given that Our Lady's birthday is this week. It also happens to be my favorite color. My favorite part of the outfit was the earrings. 

They are from JCrew and were gifted to me. Are they not the most scrumptiously fun pair of earrings you have every seen?? I love them. They really are not as heavy as they look and they go with so much. They are a party for your ears. Love them. The rest of my outfit is from the sale rack (last spring) at Dressbarn. The palazzo pants are so comfy and the elastic waist is da bomb. The top is made to hide lots of fuffys. You know how I feel about hiding those fluffys. 

I also wanted to share a few dresses I have worn in the last few weeks. I know I have kind of fallen off the wagon with my What I Wore posts. My apologies. I am slowly getting back to more regular blogging here as we enter the fall. 

Last Sunday, I wore my orange wonder. I paired it with navy ankle strap heels and a long necklace. It's such a cute flirty dress and really flattering on my figure, especially with the extra ten pounds of fluffy I am carrying around right now. 

When we were in Oklahoma for Jerry's parents 60th Wedding Anniversary, I brought one pair of shoes and three dresses. All three were from Lands End and all three were gifted to me. I am such a fan of their dresses. They have really stepped up their game in the last few years. I tend to think of them as the JCrew B team. The classic preppy look never goes out of style. I also love that they use natural fabrics 80 percent of the time. Cotton and I are very good friends. Polyester and I, not so much.

This lovely number is way comfy. A sky blue/orange/red floral pattern cotton poly mix, the empire waist is every fluffy girls friend. It also has darts at the bust. I am telling you ladies, bust darts are a girls best friend. It really helps define the waist and take out some of the fabric bulk that can be a plus size woman's nightmare. 

Finally, a classic seersucker number. This one is incredibly comfortable, BUT as I look back at the photos, I have decided that the bodice is a bit boxy for me. So, it is in the sewing pile to make into a skirt. That should be an easy re-make to do for me. I have many more uses for a seersucker skirt that I do for a boxy bodice summer dress. 

This weekend is a busy one for us. Our parish has a Labor Day picnic that is a HUGE deal. This year we celebrate the 143rd year of the picnic, the longest running outdoor event in the county. There are rides for the kids, food, crafts and more. It take 500 volunteers to run the picnic each year. 

This year Jerry and I are in training to take over running the whole shebang next year. Yes, you read that correctly. We are certifiably insane and need to be medicated. When our pastor approached us a few months ago to see if we would consider such a crazy thing, my husband was surprisingly receptive to the idea and said "yes" before I could take a breath. I consider this a modern day miracle because my guy is always the last to say "yes" to anything. 

The learning curve hit a high rate of speed on Friday as all the deliveries were being made and the physical set up began. If I could beg your prayers for tomorrow as Jerry and I take it all in and hopefully take the right notes and make sure we meet everyone we need to meet so we don't mess this up next year. It's kind of an institution and, well, the pressure is on to get it right. 

We are having our last friend-raiser to erase some of the debt we incurred while carrying for Miss Courtney. You can see all the details below. Jerry and I are so grateful for all you have done to help us retire this debt a little at a time. With Jerry's new job we will be able to cover the minimum payments on the balances remaining. 

This does not include the balance below. 

Courtney's daily care was made easier by using many different pieces of durable medical equipment. From her Tumbleform Soft Chairs and floor mats, to the special bedding and pillows in her bed. She was surrounded by lots of adaptive equipment that helped her skin remain clear of bed sores and relieved some of the discomfort of her scoliosis. 

Thank you for prayerfully considering helping us to clear this remaining balance. We are blessed to be on the receiving end of so much love. We do not take one donation for granted. Not one. May you be abundantly blessed in return for your kindness. 

Happy Sunday Y'all. Enjoy this last bit of summer my friends. Fall is right around the corner. 



help pay off medical debt from caring for our beautiful Courtney  

This will be our last friend-raising effort. The goal is $9,748.23. So far we have raised $975.00 of it leaving $8773.23 left to raise. This will eliminate the balance on credit card used for Courtney's durable medical equipment, specifically her floor mats, special chair covers, bolsters for the sides of her bed, special waterproof bedding, soft lamb skin covers to help with skin breakdown, therapy pillows and Tumbler chairs that insurance considered "not necessary for quality of life". Needless to say we disagreed. She sat in the Tumbler so often that we had to replace the chair twice and insurance would only help with one. In most of the photos of Courtney she is in her Tumbler.  If we can raise the full amount, we can pay it off and be that much closer to our larger goal. One thing at a time. Thank you so much for your help. 

The entire medical debt is extensive, it now stands at $63,900.00. It's a lot and will take years to whittle down, but with your generous help we are getting closer. Anything helps. Anything. So, I will keep it at the bottom of my posts for awhile. Every time we pay something off, I will change the picture above. 

You all have already given so much to our family. Our prayers are with you and we are so very grateful. We can never repay that kindness. So thank you...just thank you. 

If you would like our mailing address, please just email me at mary_romance@cox.net and I will send it.

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