what i wore...geometric prints...

Happy Sunday Y'all! 

Guess what?

ALL the windows in the house are open and there is a breeze. You know what that means?? 

It's ALMOST Fall Y'all!! 

This is my favorite season of the year!! 


Apple picking, pumpkin decorating, football gaming, sweater wearing, birthday celebrating, wonderful awesome FALL!! 

This is the season where my make-up does not melt off my face, my arm pits do not sweat through my clothes and to end a hot flash I simply walk outside and enjoy the cool breeze. Oh fall, how I adore you with your leaf falling, then raking followed by the squeals of children everywhere jumping joyfully in your wonderment. 

Do not even get me started about what happens in my kitchen every fall. 

Let's just say...we are baking baby!!

OK, OK, OK enough of my gushing for my favorite season, lets get to today's "What I Wore".

Geometric prints are a fluffy girls good friend. As a plus size woman I have a lot of lumps and bumps of love to smooth over and cover. I am not a fan of tight fitting clothing. I don't need the world to see my three mountain ranges that are attached to the front of my skeleton. I like to present a smooth front with all my bits in their correct places. 

Sometimes this may require Spanx, sometimes just a slip under my dress or on days like today, a fully lined geometric print poly dress made by Signature. I believe I purchased it last year, on sale of course, at Lord and Taylor

It's very comfy which is key for today. It's the first day of Jerry's and my seventh grade Confirmation Class plus the kick-off of Youth Ministry for the year. Needless to stay I will be in this dress for about seven hours today. Comfy is the only way to go. 

I accessorized with my navy bow flats from JCrew ,and earring from Babuble Bar, one of my most favorite gifts in recent memory. I took a long beaded necklace and twisted it several times around my wrist to create a loose fitting bracelet. Hey creativity is a girls best friend. 

So there you have it my friends. Geometric prints for the win!!

Happy Sunday,