31 days to whole ~ day one ~ ((scream))

Here is my intro post on 31 Days to Whole.

Well here we go my friends. 

31 Days to Whole has begun. I have prepared as best I could. The fridge is full of healthy chopped veggies, eggs and lean meats. There are very few dairy products to tempt me and the sugar is up high on a shelf. I kind of feel like a five year old whose been told to stay out of the cupboards.

I know, childish, but honest.  

This morning I started with Mass and breakfast with my Mommy. It's her Feast Day. I knew this was coming and I was ready. There were yummy eggs and bacon (sadly with no cheese), hot tea and lots of water. No stress over my food choices, just enjoying time with my Mom. It was a lovely morning. 

The rain made my trip home quite the adventure. Stop and go traffic on a major highway does not make for a stress free trip. 

Lunch was a quick salad, easy peasy, and then I got to pick up our little house guest. For the next three days, Princess Lilo is in 'da house. It's nice having a doggy in the house again. It will help make my daily walks a little more interesting. 

Dinner will be a a pork chop (baked), roasted sweet potatoes with rosemary and veggies. What I really want are a small stack of pumpkin pancakes, however, that will not be happening tonight. 

The first day of a new life is always the easiest. Now comes the hard part. To get up and do it all over again on day two and beyond. My intention is to make permanent life changes and I pray these first 31 days will help me get moving in the right direction.

Meal planning has been a HUGE help in staying on track and lessening my stress about things. I am just so damn tired of worrying about food. What to eat? When to eat? I think my biggest challenge will be no snacking. I am a life long snacker. Give me a cracker and some cheese and I will create an awesome snack. 

Oh cheese...I miss you...

Ok, maybe it's the little to none dairy thing...sigh...

How's everyone else doing? 

Team work Y'all. I'm praying for ALL of you to succeed. I covet your prayers as well. 

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