31 days to whole ~ days 18, 19 and 20 ~ anxiety 101...

Hey Friends, 

It is crazy town around here. Sunday was crazeballs between Mass and CCD and all the preparations for the week ahead. Then yesterday I had my two four year old friends who were in rare form. then I had a talk to give an hour away in Front Royal. Needless to say I was feeling the pressure. 

This morning I had every intention of being here and updating this space with a 31 Days to Whole post. However, I had another emergency to attend to this morning and am just now getting my feet under me for the day.  

I was starting to feel that pressure I feel when I get very anxious. You know the one. The elephant was beginning to sit on my chest and my hands were starting to shake. 


It has been a part of my life for the last five years. I would say that I hate it but then, that would make me anxious. Not really where I want to go right now. 

My friend Jenna at Call her Happy has also dealt with anxiety most of her life and she has put together a wonderful resource to help those of us who deal with anxiety, panic attacks and other symptoms that come with it. I myself have been on medication for the last five years and yet, the anxiety still rears it's ugly head from time to time. 

This awesome journal, 30 Days to Calm, has actually helped me in the past few weeks to identify my triggers and work my way through them. Jenna shares tips and different ways to work your way through the different levels of anxiety that come no matter what your vocation in life is. I so appreciate her insight into anxiety and how to cope with it. 

I had a panic attack last week as I was dealing with some financial blech and I remembered Jenna's "Eight Step Panic Attack Guide" in the back of her journal. I read through it, took my breaths and calmed myself down. 


What does this have to do with my 31 Days to Whole experience? Food has a direct correlation to how we feel and how we act. I have found that by removing sugar and gluten, I have had less mood swings and fewer anxiety attacks. This is a good thing my friends. 

However, when the anxiety does come, I know have help to move my way through it that doesn't involve meds. If it can help me, I know it can help you. The journal really digs deep and makes you think about the "why's". Those are important questions to ask yourself. They help make life a little calmer, less anxious and sweeter. 

Awareness is half the battle my friends. It truly is. 

Go pre-order this book. It will change the way you manage your anxiety. 

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