31 days to whole ~ what i wore ~ be brave and tuck it in...

This will be a little bit longer post than usual since I did not post last Sunday. So hang on to your hangers people, here we go. 

Today I was brave. I did something I rarely ever do. 

I tucked my shirt in. 

I know this might sound ludicrous to most of you but for those of us shaped like a cake pop (or an apple if your old school) we do anything NOT to bring attention to the fluffiest parts of ourselves. 

That would be our nonexistent waistline. Therefore we do not tuck in our shirts. We opt for flowy, soft pieces that glide over all the lumps and bumps giving the illusion of a waistline. We belt dresses and blouses at the upper waistline or empire style to give us a waistline where none exists. 

So to take this step, three week into my Whole30ish experience is a whopping big deal. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my lower tummy...for all to see...

The blouse and cardigan are from Lands End, shoes Payless, slacks Dress Barn.
ALL clothing shopped from my closet. Necklace from a shop in Leesburg,VA

I did it. 

Now I feel like doing 100 million leg lifts so that I can get that lower belly in shape. Oy to the vey! When you have held as much weight as I have for as long as I have, this area of the body is the toughest nut to crack. It doesn't help that I carried my babies low and in front either. 

This is not to say that I will not defeat this sleeping giant of a muscle group, but it will take time and I need to be gentle with myself and celebrate the fact that I tucked in my shirt. 

Party on people...party on!!

Blazer from Talbots, Jeans from Lane Bryant, Sweater from somewhere, 
 Bag from Target, Shoes are Toms from Lord and Taylor
and the scarf I have had for almost a decade. 

Next up we have what I wore to church last week. It was a bit more casual than I usually wear which is why I put a blazer on. Here is another tip for all you plus size women out there. Get to know your local tailor. I use the own at our dry cleaners for things like dresses and blazers. 

I hem my own pants and skirts but when it comes to the curves, I hand it over to a professional. I have short arms, wide shoulders and a lower bust line. This usually means that I buy one size larger in blazers to fit the shoulders and then have my tailor bring in the side seams and hem the sleeves. It was worth the extra forty dollars to get a really good fit. 

Black skirt is three years old from Lane Bryant. Lace top from Macy's, Shoes from Talbot's, purse form Target, and scarf from Charming Charlie s. 

Last week I had another funeral and a speaking engagement. So for the funeral I went with a cream lace top and black skirt. Again all these pieces are from my closet and they are finally fitting again due to my recent weight loss of EIGHT POUNDS!! 

Slow and steady wins the race my friends. Slow and steady.

Denim blouse and skirt from Talbots, camo flats from Payless,
camo scarf from JCrew (gifted)

For my speaking engagement, I went with denim and camouflage. I wanted to tap into my inner warrior Mama to overcome the butterflies in my stomach. It worked. I was comfortable and I didn't worry about what I was wearing. I was nervous enough about what I was saying.

Yes, I talk with my hands. It's an Irish thing.  

St John the Baptist Women's Group...You're the BEST!!

Then there is this dress. I totally forgot what the occasion was but I wore it in the last two weeks, so there you go. It'a a Ralph Lauren wrap dress that I have had hidden in the closet for the last two seasons. I wasn't sure if it would actually fit but I tried it on and BOOM! it did. Thank you Whole30ish! 

Ralph Lauren wrap dress ~ shoes from JCrew
everything from my closet

There you have it frends. Another peek into my style and fashion brain in regards to dressing and looking your best no matter what your size or body image phobia. Remember that most people don't even notice what you are wearing especially when you great then with a smile and a warm heart. 

THAT is what stays with them. 

Now if you dress like Elvira, I am not sure a smile or warm heart will outdo that particular look, but you can try. 

Until next Sunday...stay classy and sassy. 

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