31 days to whole ~ day 10 - 11 ~ what i wore ~ there is only one you!

It's been a busy weekend which is good because I need a distraction from my withdrawal form all things bread. There were two birthday's for two very special people in my world. 

First my BFF Christine who welcomed her forty-fourth year and then my sweet Lily Jane who celebrated her fourth birthday. Lots' of fours going around. 

This past week also saw two wakes and two funerals. I am always so taken aback by the beauty of the Catholic liturgy. So steeped in tradition and truth. As I sat there listening to the readings chosen by the two different families that represented their loved ones lives, I thought of my sweet Courtney and all she means to us. Even more so since she is gone from our day to day lives. I felt her presence so strongly this week. She truly never leaves me and I am so grateful for that. 

I wore a patterned tunic for the wakes toned down with black tights and flats. It was easy and comfortable since I didn't know how emotional I would be. I didn't want to be tugging at my clothes and be distracted from what was happening around me. I wore simple black for the funerals. 

Yesterday was our towns Fall Festival and my friend Christine's birthday celebration. Every year we go together and celebrate her birthday afterward. This year the weather was spectacular and we had so much fun. I chose what I ate carefully BUT I did indulge in one small piece of cake. Who can say no to spice cake with cream cheese frosting. Not I. Not I. 

I wore orange with is Christine's favorite color. I also wore moving about comfy shoes and jeans. Lots of walking and chatting and laughing requires comfort. Are you sensing a theme for todays post?


Me being me. 

Today Miss Lily turned four and there was a birthday party in a park, then we had Mass to go to so I needed to be flexible in what I chose to wear. I wore the same pants and shoes as yesterday, yes you read that right. Don't you recycle clothes the next day? Always keeping it real my loves. Always.  

I added a white tee and a jacket for Mass. It turned out well I think. I have lost enough weight to wear the jacket again after a two year hiatus. So that's a win. 

Let's talk about listening to others opinions for a moment shall we? I have had a few conversations this week that have really made me wonder about how much stock I put into other people opinions of what I do, what I wear or what decisions I am currently making. I was reminded that there is only one me and I need to listen to my gut sometimes. This may, or may not put me at odds with people around me and their opinions.

SO here's the thing...stop worrying about what others think. If you have prayed about it, discerned it is what you should do, the go for it. If your gut tells you to turn left instead of right, then do so. Even is everyone is telling you the opposite. There is only one YOU!! So listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling you and be strong enough to stick to that path. 

It's all gonna work out. I promise you. 

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