In four hours this handsome son of mine turns 26! 

Where oh where did the time go? 

I remember that cold November night in Brunswick, Maine. It was the first snow of the season that year and my boy took his sweet time arriving, 36 hours of labor and two hours of pushing before he finally decided to cooperate. 

He has not changed much since. LOL! He does things in his own time and is as stubborn as the day us long. Just like his Daddy. When he sets his mind to something, he will not give up until it is conquered. 

Jonathan Douglas, your Daddy and I are honored that God chose us for you and you for us. I know this past year has been very tough but you have shown such fortitude and perseverance working your way through your grief for your sister. You were the very best big brother she could have ever asked for. You loved and protected her from the very beginning until the very end. 

Oh how she loved you in return. All those smiles while you read to her, the snuggles on the sofa and the always moving legs trying to trip you up when you would walk by. She was a sneaky little pickle for sure. 

You are an incredibly kind, loving, faith-filled and hilariously funny young man. 

Happy Birthday Son! 

I love you to the moon and back! 

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